Eye Taught I Saw, A Single, Mixtape Turned Ep, Written And Executive Produced By T-Rolls. The Rap Name T-Rolls Inspired By Tori’s Older Brother Is Defined As Tori’s Rolls Royce. Eye Taught I Saw is Tori Saying He Was Taught By Everything He Every Saw.


Norfolk, Virginia — Monday, July 20th, 2020 — T-Rolls has been in the kitchen cheffing up the best product in record-setting time for as long as he remembers. Chef in the kitchen, Tori is referring to feeding the streets with the best hit records.

The single, Eye Taught I Saw, has already been buzzing on the internet radio in various areas of the nation. Eye Taught I Saw, A Ep also has hard copies being pressed to be released in the next week. Eye Taught I Saw actually reflects back to the cartoon show The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries.

T-Rolls has heard only positive reviews from his music. Most noted being he should be given more credit for his lyric structure and overall rapping skill.

Maybe watching cartoon network as a child, T-Rolls came up with the hook “eye taught I saw a pussycat, eye to eye, dripping wet, from her thighs, down to her prissy legs, eye taught I saw, I taught I saw, I taught I saw. In the tv show, the cat says I thought i saw i thought I saw and that is where T-Rolls came up with this hook.

In the end, everything T-Rolls saw contributed to the record and Ep, Eye Taught I Saw. Now listen, watch, and see T-Rolls about the RollsRecords Team.

Here is the link to listen and watch the Eye Taught I Saw video on my youtube channel. https://youtu.be/NLkrhl5qA8I





T-rolls, inspired by artist like Jay- Z and Nicki Minaj, does a lot more freestyling than writing. Basically nothing is basic about T-rolls but the bass that’s blasting now.



2774 McKann Ave


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