New Music Friday: Baby Queen takes the throne

Notes on this week’s new releases:

  • Baby Queen continues to be one of the pop sphere’s best things: new devel­op­ments this week involve Pretty Girl Lie having a brilliant middle eight and some Matty Healy dancing in the video. A lot of artists have had a go at this song’s subject matter but “I get more likes when I don’t look like me” kind of nails it, right?
  • The artwork for Shaylen‘s new release depicts the singer being attacked by but­ter­flies. (The song’s great.)
  • Bree Runway, whose Damn Daniel would, I think, have won last night’s Twenty Quid Music Prize if Dua Lipa’s Physical hadn’t destroyed everything in its path, releases the Easyfun-produced Little Nokia. All things con­sidered Bree should be approx four times bigger than she is right now but things feel like they are heading in the right direction and in These Uncertain Times that’s something to hold onto.
  • There’s a perky F9 remix of Annie‘s The Streets Where I Belong, a Being Boring-esque song about Annie’s return to her hometown. Being Bergen, IF YOU WILL. The remix is amazing, the original’s amazing, the album the original’s on is amazing, everything’s generally amazing in Annie world.
  • Remember Jens, of Any Other Way almost-fame? Tough Love is his new song.
  • No new Kygo atro­cit­ies this week although I did get a press release con­tain­ing the words “Tomorrow, Friday 25th, film star Vin Diesel will be releasing his debut dance music song ‘Feel Like I Do’ on Kygo’s Palm Tree Records” and I was too scared to click any of the links in the email so I have no idea if it was a joke or not.

(For some reason the shitting embed hasn’t updated with the new playlist and if it hasn’t sorted itself out by the time you see this you can click here to open Spotify.)


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