Scuuba’s EP “Something In The Water”

Scuuba Steve recently released his first solo EP to critical acclaim. “Something in the Water” features six impressive tracks, all produced by Steve. The album showcases the unique vocals and lyrics of Scuba from track to track. This EP continues to captivate listeners across the social media realm with a smooth blend of hip-hop, RnB, and other musical styles and genres. “Wyo” has a futuristic sound to it with blaring vocals in the background. The delivery is tight, the lyrics on point, and the production is simply second to none. GD mixed all songs on the album, an ensemble of great music for smooth rap and RnB listeners.

“Sirens” has a steady beat with dynamic keys and textures. This jazzy track, laid-back, has Steve’s deep vocals blaring to unprecedented heights. Fans across the streaming platforms continue to praise this fantastic work, mastered to perfection with each rhythmic ballad. “Quiet Storm” eloquently captures the essence of the album with innovative beats and mind-blowing verses. This EP is perfect for lounging and chillin’ with friends any time of the week. “Undertow” is another excellent number with funky beats and precise production. The nautical, atmospheric elements are fully displayed with enchanted rhythms and a cutting-edge flow like no other.

The magnificent vocals, positive vibes, and funky beats will dazzle your ears at every play of the album. These jams are alternative rap at its best. Accentuated with new wave accents and aesthetics that are on another level musically. “Hades” has a deep flow with overlapping beats that further showcase Steve’s multi-talented music skills and persona. Listeners are vibing to this original EP, with each track offering something new and unique for the masses.

Experience the rap fused RnB magic of this EP by clicking on the link below!


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