Yung Fulani Releases New Single ‘All I Got’

Listen now:

Yung Fulani is a young, upcoming artist with Gambian and American heritage that has just released her brand new single entitled ‘All I Got’. With her emotional maturity and resonance, the impression of experience beyond her years, honesty and vulnerability, this smooth groove is sure to capture some of the more discerning hip hop and R&B fans.

Based in Atlanta, Gambian-American artist Fulani is a singer/songwriter that tries to feature her diverse background as much as she can in her singing and throughout her musical productions. As a singer she has a smooth, versatile voice that can be both enchanting and sweet but is also able to express her pain in matters of the heart and about faithless lovers. This is a song of yearning, an ode to her lover and all she is prepared to do for him. Come on over, she sings, she’ll hit the right spot and give her man all she got. Her fluid, sultry melodies, and her cool down-to-earth vibe make her an artist to watch out for in future.

This highly anticipated single titled ‘All I Got’ is composed of a catchy flow that complements her dreamy, reflective lyrics, while counterpointed with engaging percussion that only serve to emphasize her warm, smooth vocals once again. Yung Fulani is currently focused on elevating all those around her with her music, making moves and getting her name known while staying true and in tune with to her essential self. By including, emphasizing and sticking to her roots she feels she can offer something unique. Yung says that this is only the beginning of her music career and that she has a lot in store for her fans.



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