A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 5 Review: His Guiding Light

There is nothing like a harsh trip through the French countryside to get the romantic juices flowing.

Poor Diana. She’s aching to connect physically with Matthew, but it’s not something he’s willing to do just yet.

Even without that physical connection, A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 5 was a return to form showcasing the love between these two creatures, and it was worth the wait.

If the romance between Matthew and Diana has been in short supply so far during A Discovery of Witches Season 2, our cups now runneth over.

An arduous journey across France proved to be as challenging as Matthew predicted. They grew closer due to the circumstances, and after a night of passion gone wrong, Matthew gifted her with trousers to make the trip easier on her.

Their love was on display physically, and their words backed it up. I’ve missed that side of them, and I’m pleased it only took the open road to draw them together again.

The critical nature of their bond came up again and again before they got to Sept Tours, and the reminder drove home how different they are despite their deep and true love for one another.

Gallowglass got the duo safely to France’s shores and sent them on their way to meet with Philippe, but not before Gallowglass reminded Diana of her importance to the journey with Matthew.

Diana has been hearing similar proclamations since they first decided to time walk. Everyone mysteriously suggests that she has to be Matthew’s rock, his guiding light to keep him focused and from straying too far from their mission.

If anybody is going to poke the bear that is Matthew Clairmont, it’s his father, Philippe de Clermont.

At this point in time, Diana thinks that everyone is concerned about how Matthew will react when he comes in contact with Philippe again, and that is part of it.

But the story of the blood-rage killings in the present from A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 4 helps determine why everyone is warning her to be on high alert.

We know that Matthew has blood rage, but she’s still in the dark. Not only does that hinder her understanding of how to protect Matthew should the need arise, but it also dirties the water of her sexual relationship with Matthew.

Diana:This journey is so much harder than I ever thought it would be.
Matthew: Yes, I’m sorry.
Diana: I know it’s just as hard for you. You know that no matter what, I am always yours.
Matthew: And I am yours. [lots of kissing]
Diana: Then let me have you.
Matthew: Not yet. Not now. In time.

It’s impossible not to feel for Diana as she aches to bed Matthew. They are as in love as they will ever be, and her body screams for his, but he sloughs her off at every opportunity.

The more it happens, the less likely she is to understand. Matthew has told everyone he loves that he and Diana are wed, so it’s not easy to follow the line of thinking that they have to wait. Wait for what?

It seems that everyone knows the severity of the situation except Diana herself. She can understand how seeing Philippe again could claw at his conscience, but she doesn’t recognize what a physical bonding such as mating for life could do to Matthew.

She wants and believes that their love is enough to get them through anything. Matthew wants to be sure. He has to be sure. He wouldn’t be able to stand it if he did something to harm Diana.

So it has to be hard for him when he’s so diligent, but everyone around them instinctually tries to tear them apart.

By now, Matthew knows Diana and her reactions. He already sensed that she’d stand up to Philippe and tried to urge her against it. But when she met Philippe, she wanted more than anything to prove herself in his eyes.

Philippe: You should have told me yourself about your witch.
Matthew: Diana.
Philippe: And yet, she is still a witch.
Diana: I am not just a witch; I’m a weaver.
Philippe: Do you think I am impressed by that? There is nothing new under the sun for me. I have lived a long life. I have seen things that you have only read about in history books.
Diana: Really. I’ve seen things that aren’t even in the history books.
Matthew: Diana.
Diana: Yet.

She wants to be accepted for all that she is to Matthew and all that she feels for him. She’s growing more confident with her powers and makes a point of taunting Philippe the same way he taunts her.

They’re using their love for Matthew as tools in an argument neither of them fully understands, but as much as she thinks she’s got a read on Philippe, she’s no match for him.

Diana: Which one opens the library?
Philippe: We do not lock up books in this house. Reading seldom leads to bad behavior.
Diana: You’d be surprised.

Just minutes after he literally gave her the keys to the castle, Philippe allowed a fellow witch close to Diana to drain information from her. Philippe doesn’t know what she’s suffered at another witch’s hands in the past, and he thinks he’s protecting Matthew.

It’s strange, though, since Philippe sussed out that they time walked very quickly after seeing Matthew again. Their relationship is so strong that he sensed immediately that the Matthew before him was not the same Matthew he has most recently seen.

So why allow Diana to be attacked like that in her chambers? That it was in her chambers made it a lot more invasive. It was as deeply personal and violent as a rape, and I can’t imagine it will be easy to forgive him without some answers.

But wow, Diana’s magic is growing exponentially. The way she pulled the dagger from Matthew and gutted the man mentally raping her was extraordinary. I only hope she doesn’t blame herself for how it ended. It was brutal and unlike Diana.

All of the declarations of love and commitment between Diana and Matthew this hour prove that she’s just as committed to protecting him as he is to her.

Matthew: Decided to join us again, have you?
Diana: I only closed my eyes for a second.
Matthew: It’s my fault. I should never have put your through this.
Diana: Wherever you go, I go.

As an aside, it tickled me to no end how their visit with Philippe suggested that parents are always parents no matter how old you are or what your circumstances.

Philippe: When was the last time you fed?
Matthew: What?!
Philippe: It’s a long journey; you probably had little opportunity to hunt.
Matthew: Are you actually asking me if I’m eating enough?

From Phillipe asking if Matthew had enough to eat to Diana’s “your home, your rules” comment when Philippe commented on her empty bed and apologized for not allowing her and Matthew to share a bed under his roof, it was right on the money.

What I didn’t need was the cutaway to Kit and Louisa. It didn’t seem like there was a point to their scenes other than Louisa’s needling of Kit and his love for her brother.

No, every scene doesn’t need a particular meaning, but this episode was so centrally focused on Matthew, Diana, and Philippe that Kit and Louisa felt out of place.

The stage is set for an incredible hour with A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 6.

What was Philippe trying to accomplish by allowing a witch to harm Diana like that?

How will Matthew react to what he just witnessed?

If you read the books, then you know that a lot is riding on what happened. It’s set to turn the tide for the couple, and things will never be the same.

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