‘Simpsons’ sparks another real-life comparison, and this time it’s Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz The Simpsons
[Photos via The Simpsons/Fox, Ted Cruz/U.S. Senate Photographic Studio via Wikimedia Commons]

It looks like The Simpsons may have predicted another 2021 event years ago.

This week, an old episode of the animated show has resurfaced that is eerily similar to Ted Cruz‘s controversial decision to go to Cancun amid the winter storms devastating Texas.

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Over the past few days, Texas has been hit with an unprecedented cold front. As a result, many citizens have been without power and running water as temperatures reach an all-time low. Amidst all of this, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz decided to take a trip to Cancun while his constituents continue to suffer without heat and scarce resources.

Now, it looks like another old The Simpsons episode has caught the internet’s attention. As it turns out, Marge In Chains, which aired in 1993, has an eerie similarity to Ted Cruz’s decision to fly to Cancun.

In the episode, Mayor Quimby claims he’s canceling plans for a trip to the Bahamas in an effort to deal with a pandemic that has taken over Springfield. As well, Mayor Quimby tells everyone to stay home. However, he’s actually on the beach, but pretending to be in his office while wearing a jacket over his bathing suit. Eventually, the sound of a steel drum soloist almost gives him away.

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Of course, many The Simpsons fans are drawing massive similarities between the episode and Cruz’s decision to fly to Cancun amid the Texas storms.

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Now, this isn’t the first time The Simpsons has seemingly predicted real-life events. Shortly after the Pro-Trump supporters breached the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6The Simpsons fans pointed out that the show predicted the events that transpired in an episode released in 2020.

Then, in late January, The Simpsons viewers also noticed an eerie similarity between a 21-year-old episode and Kamala Harris’ inauguration. As well, almost two decades ago, the animated show predicted that Donald Trump would eventually become the President.

What are your reactions to Ted Cruz being compared to that old The Simpsons episode? Let us know in the comments below.


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