new band of the day : Mango In Euphoria ‘the perfect future pop – just waiting to take over with her sparse and thrilling Gothic dream pop soundscapes’

Mango In Euphoria is the perfect future pop that are just waiting to takevover every top ten out there from streaming playlists to the charts with her sprase and thrilling dream pop soundscapes.

Mango In Euphoria Instagram

Built around the charismatic waif like French emirgre, Manon, Mango In Euphoria deliver a Goth pop that is a much a nod to the hyper smart aural adventuress of Grimes as it is to the meldorama of Lana Del Ray. Manon brings an female empowerment to the the sex, style and subversion of perfect pop against a backdrop of London life and a soundtrack that is all sparse, electronic backing tracks and melodic, beautifully sung emotive vocals full of a life lived on the edge.

Like all great art of pop players from Bowie to the afformentioned Grimes, this is a glistening world to get lost in – a pop adventure inspired partly by a Manon’s teenage fasciantion with Marilyn Manson – who inspired so many pop art travellers with his pied piper art of darkness before his true nature was revealed.

That Gothic touch remains in the mix but there are added layers of perfect pop and within a year Mango In Euphoria will be one of the first true post pandemic pop stars.


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