“Why” by Ronnue

When you name a song, “Why,” not only are you leaving a wide open interpretation, but you are isochronously asking the most powerful question. In the case of rapper, Ronnue, his reason for asking is rather simple. If you aren’t having sex with someone, why do you care whom they are having sex with? Some will wonder if that is even an occurrence, in modern times, others will point to celebrity gossip as a prime example. In some cases, it’s people’s own communities that spark speculation over people’s most private affairs. In Ronnue’s case, it seems to be a matter of sexuality.

“Why,” which also features Figuz, is on the surface, comedic and irreverent. Underneath all of that, is an indictment of homophobia and perhaps more specifically, normalization. We are seemingly on the verge of accepting all types of sexual orientations into mainstream society. Commercial ads, featuring same sex couples are more common than ever. Yet, only those who live their daily lives as a member of the LGBTQ community, are qualified to comment on the actual status quo.

As a song, there isn’t much to say about “Why.” It’s funny, and slightly jarring. Ronnue seems to be trying to channel several moods, at once. He’s caustic and recalcitrant, yet seems to be having a good time in the process. Underneath everything though, is an unmistakable bile and palpable sense of anger. One of the most impressive aspects of this piece is the flamboyant conviction that Ronnue expresses. You believe every word that comes out of his mouth, even if some of them are a bit cringey.

The video for “Why” is a bit of an eyebrow raiser, as it openly lists Lil Nas X, in a featured appearance. In reality, the video splices in footage of the recent video for Montero (Call Me By Your Name.) It’s unclear if the idea is to pay tribute to Lil Nas X, or simply to add some spice to the proceedings. Either way, it’s a partially clever, and partially questionable move, that in my opinion, ends up working well. The video for “Why” is now available on YouTube.

Ronnue’s sense of unabashed freedom and fearlessness to express himself, is inspiring. It’s not a typical source of inspiration, and Ronnue is certainly an atypical personality. It’s too early to declare this a missed opportunity, to delve even deeper into unspoken social prejudices. Ronnue really wouldn’t be the right type of artist to do that, anyhow. He’s a product of the sophomorically detached millennial Tik Tok culture. The only difference is that underneath his carefree veneer, is a bleeding heart and a sense of justice.

For some, “Why,” won’t exactly be a fulfilling listening experience. Others will find it to be hilarious and justified. What is certain, is that if you experience it, you won’t easily forget it. You will hear or see that Ronnue is a unique personality that shines in the right light. And he will remind you that when it comes to his private life, to mind your own business.

Chadwick Easton


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