Karléh’s new single “Body Armor”

This is an R&B Music Review for the artist Karléh and her song “Body Armor”. The vocals melded perfectly with the music and the song is overall amazing to listen to, but it is Karléh’s message of strength and courage within her words that really makes this song inspiring, encouraging and overall adds an extra layer of innate familiarity with the listener.

Karléh’s “Body Armor” is an amazing song about strength. Having the strength to turn toward yourself and your needs when others would rather have you focus on what they want. When she says “I know when I choose myself… I already won,” she says that she finally gets to choose herself, and no one can get in her way. She’s got the power with her body armor to choose for herself what she wants and not rely on others to decide that for her. She finishes the song with “I’m swallowing my pride” which is accepting how the other person or people feel and at the same time not letting their beliefs and feelings stop her from reaching her goals.

This was a very, very beautiful and thoughtful song of courage and strength that speaks to the heart. It is a tale of the heart. You got to have the heart to move forward. When you get attacks from others on the outside looking in, you need that body armor, the heart, to deflect those who stand in your way and live your life. She’s standing tall and facing the world and what comes next, and that is shown in her song.

Karléh is such an amazing singer with an amazing voice and an amazing message! I can’t wait to hear more from her in the future!
Be on the look out for Karléh’s EP releasing on October 10!



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