You are touring right now! What’s it been like to get in front of an audience?

It’s been amazing so far! The whole pandemic really gave me a greater appreciation for performing live in front of actual people. Like many artists, I leaned heavily on livestreaming to fill that void so to speak but it was never the same. The energy you get back from folks who are really into what you’re doing gets lost virtually. So yes, definitely glad to be out and about and making those connections again.

Does performing feel any different this time around?

Absolutely! Just to piggyback on the last question, I’ve learned to appreciate to a greater degree the interaction with live audiences. The one thing that comes to mind is when folks sing-a-long with you. That experience and all the feels that come with it can only be captured live. When folks come up to you after the show and tell you to “keep going” is really gratifying and appreciated. None of which can be experienced virtually. It feels much different this time around.

Are you performing Date Night? It’s our FAVE!

Thank you so much! Yes, I am performing “Date Night” during every livestream and at every show! I especially love playing that song for the dinner crowd. It’s so fitting and sets the mood. There MAY be an acoustic version coming soon.

How has the fans’ reception been to the single?

It’s all been positive and I’ve had people tell me it’s a “grown and sexy” vibe, which is what I was going for. Marvin Gaye was one of the inspirations for this tune. I wanted it to come off as a chill feel good tune. And so far, that’s how everyone has received it so mission accomplished.

How can fans see if you’ll be in a city near them?

My website is updated with dates, times and places I’m playing. You can also find a monthly schedule on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Is there any preparation before you go perform LIVE?

Warming up the vocals is definitely part of the pre-live performance prep. I’ve found it makes a world of difference in my confidence onstage. I also like to listen to music as well as a way to prime my creative side. It helps with the onstage banter in between songs and sometimes during. I also take every opportunity to just appreciate the fact that I’m onstage doing what I love to do. There’s really no other feeling like it. It sounds cliche but true nonetheless.

We love your music and enjoy YOU! How can fans support it ALL?

Thank you so much. You can find my music on.

SPOTIFY: Spotify

YOU TUBE: Youtube

And you can follow me on

INSTAGRAM: Instagram

FACEBOOK: Facebook

TWITTER: Twitter

My website as well

Thanks again for having me.

For Press Inquiries:

End of Interview


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