How do you know if new music you’re wanting to create has the potential for release? 

Whether or not I’m excited or entranced by it! I feel like if I can’t stop thinking about a song that there is something to it. My most recent single “Land of Love” is a bit of a departure from my sound, but it was a song that arrested me in its message. Working on the production was a meditative thing I did for pretty much all the lockdown of 2020. Investing that time/creativity was very cathartic for me.

What’s it like creating something from the ground up? 

Both thrilling and powerfully intimidating when you ask it that way, haha! I feel like I never really think about the ideas that come out of nowhere. Mostly because they absolutely do. They come from how I see the world, the message I have for people as I meet them.

The most difficult thing is feeling cut off from other people. Community is a big part of my creativity. Without that connection this past year I discovered my creative generative process completely stunted.

What makes your head spin when you get to it during this process? 

The overwhelming process of choice. Everything you do when you write a song is an editing decision. Whether you add more, take more away, tweak things. If you’re not careful, the process never ends. And it should always end. No one song or one project can encompass everything you wish to share.

What music of yours is going to be worth the wait once it’s released?

Fascinating question! To be completely candid, I haven’t written a song in its entirety in over a year. I was hoping to release a song I composed called “Woman Being” for mother’s day, but it slipped past me, haha! That song, however, was written over 2 years ago now. I’m hoping as the world opens up more and I connect with more kindred spirits that the muse will visit me once again. But for now, I have enough of a back catalogue of written music, I feel like I have plenty of time till the barrel is dry.

Are you going to be playing this live any time soon?

Woman Being I will be performing October 26th at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood.

Share with us where we can keep up too! 

The place I’m most active currently is Instagram. Follow me and be gifted by afros and sparkles!

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