Exclusive Interview with Modern Amusement

Are you making any rounds with testing out new music on the road?

I haven’t yet, but we have a new song coming out soon so maybe I’ll try to throw into some of our upcoming live shows as a surprise!

What stories do you want to tell in your upcoming music?

The idea for this new album was to explore some slightly darker subject matter. On our first album it was for the most part a lot brighter, so I thought it would be fun to shake it up and do the opposite this time. There’s songs about lost love, toxic relationships, murder, and vampires. We hope you’ll look forward to it!

Are there any rules you set for yourself when you know you have to concentrate on making music?

I guess my best work habit for music that I set on myself is that I’m always working on something related to my music every day. Whether it be writing, recording, making a video, or drawing promotional art or comics, I do my best to always be working on something so that I can keep the content flowing. And since it’s all fun stuff to me, it doesn’t feel like work!

Do you ever feel like you need to label yourself as an artist?

I suppose everyone feels like that to some degree, to be able to find their niche and the kind of people who will like their music. It’s why I came up with the “Nerd-Rock For Emo Kids” tag-line for Modern Amusement. It gives people an idea of the kind of music you do so if they’re interested in that kind of thing they’d be more inclined to check it out, so it’s sort of like a label. Of course, we welcome anyone who enjoys our music, we don’t mind what you may or may not label yourself as!

Is letting the work talk for itself a rule of thumb for you?

I think for the most part yes. It’s fun to be able to talk about what you meant in a song, but it can be just as fun to see what other interpretations people can have about your songs, because in that way they’re making it their own, which is really cool.

What are the interactions with your fans like when you hear feedback from them about your music?

It’s always very special to me whenever I get a comment or message from someone who really enjoys my songs. Starting out with a lot of these songs I was just doing it to entertain myself, I never really thought that anyone would enjoy it the way I did making it. So any comments about people listening to our music mean so much to me.

What is a golden rule in music that you will always uphold?

Definitely to always be authentic. I don’t want to change the things I love about my songs just to achieve mass appeal. Modern Amusement will always be quirky, if we lose that, we might as well hang it up!

What’s it like moving forward after a song release?

I’m usually already thinking about the next release! Always full steam ahead!

How do we keep up with all that you do?

Here’s our social media!

Instagram: modern_amusementband

Twitter: @ModernAmusemen2

Don’t forget to check us out on Spotify and Apple Music too!

Thanks for having us!

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview


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