Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 2-28-22: Allie and Tripp’s Relationship Implodes

Lies always come to light in Salem.

The sooner everyone who lives there learns that, the better, but no one ever seems to.

And now it seems it may be Allie’s turn for comeuppance, as Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 2-28-22 suggest that Tripp kicks her to the curb after learning about her one-night stand with Chanel.

As soon as Tripp decided to propose, it set the stage for this type of heartbreaking drama.

Most fans expected Allie’s secret to come out at the wedding. Happening right after the proposal is slightly more original, so kudos to Days of Our Lives for that.

Unfortunately, it comes courtesy of a possessed Johnny, though, and it may be a rehash of what happened at Eric and Nicole’s party.

Tripp has no more reason to believe Johnny’s claims than Eric did Xander’s, but will a guilt-ridden Allie confirm it the way Nicole did last time around?

It seems that way. A clip in the spoiler video has Allie telling Tripp that her liaison with Chanel was “a big mistake” and that Tripp is the man she loves.

It’s hard to blame Tripp for not believing that, especially since Allie isn’t fully taking responsibility for her behavior. It’s one thing to give in to temptation and then regret it, but spoilers say that Allie is going to claim she never had any feelings for Chanel, not even when she slept with her.

Please. Allie needs to be honest with herself before Tripp can begin to consider the possibility that she wants him and not Chanel. Craig might have cheated on Nancy too, but at least he’s honest about the reasons!

Speaking of Craig, he’s got a big reveal coming up too. Check out the spoilers below to find out who his boyfriend is and what else is going on in Salem!

Johnny tries to lure Gabi into bed.

Ugh. First of all, Johnny isn’t Johnny — he’s the Devil. So that brings up a lot of thorny questions around consent that the writers probably won’t ever address.

Also, what’s with Gabi’s sudden naivety? Love her or hate her, she’s a strong woman who doesn’t hesitate to tell her enemies what she thinks of them every chance she gets.

It’s not believable that she hasn’t confronted Jake about his alleged indiscretion yet and is falling for every one of Johnny/Devil’s lies.

Ben and Ciara debate whether or not Johnny could be possessed.

What is there to debate? They’ve put together all the clues, and it’s obvious.

This story needs to end, so whoever thinks Johnny is possessed better win this debate.

At the very least, someone should alert Julie to their suspicions. She’d be happy to investigate further.

Chloe and Brady meet Craig’s new boyfriend.

This story has been amazing so far, but it may be about to go off the rails.

According to spoilers, Craig’s new boyfriend is Leo Stark. This makes no sense whatsoever.

Craig is an accomplished doctor who could have met his soulmate at a medical conference. Instead, he thinks the love of his life is a con artist half his age who is usually busy trying to break up Sonny and Will. Please tell us this spoiler is a fakeout!

Tripp sets up a romantic proposal for Allie.

Too bad this couple isn’t slated to go through with a wedding.

Romantic proposals and extravagant weddings used to be a Days’ staple, but nowadays, it seems like the only point of anyone proposing is to break their heart before they even say their I Dos!

It’s hard to enjoy the romance when we already know it will not last, but these scenes might be nice anyway.

TR tries to convince Paulina he’s changed.

What else is new? TR seems to do this every other day.

Here’s a pro tip for him: stalking your ex to tell her you’ve changed isn’t the best way to convince her you’re no longer going to abuse her.

Hopefully, he runs into Paulina somewhere and isn’t following her around. But still.

Roman tries to persuade Tripp to give Allie another chance.

When did Roman become such a flip-flopper?

It wasn’t that long ago that he was hesitant to give Tripp his blessing to marry Allie because he was afraid it wouldn’t last any longer than Johnny and Chanel’s impromptu marriage.

But now that Tripp’s walked away from the woman who broke his heart, he wants them to be together. Roman’s attempts to justify this should be interesting.

Abigail and Chad share a heartfelt reunion.

Thank goodness! Those scenes of Abigail and Kristen arguing about whether Abigail would ever get off the island were getting tedious.

The question is: what’s next for these two?

There have been persistent rumors that Abigail is supposed to die this summer (again!). Let’s hope that’s not where this story is going!

Tony and Anna disagree on how to handle their unexpected problem.

Tony wants to go along with Sarah’s delusion that she’s Renee. I can’t blame Anna for disagreeing, considering that the real Renee tried to kill her so she could have Tony for herself.

A better idea would be to call Marlena in to try to undo whatever it is that happened to Sarah, but I guess that makes too much sense.

Let’s hope Anna quickly disposes of “Renee” and that hitting her over the head makes Sarah regain her memories.

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