Check out official photos and fan reactions from ABBA’s ‘Voyage’ digital concert

“I don’t wish to swear, but ABBA looking f*cking STUNNING!!” another attendee said. “Iconic superstars looking every bit as effortlessly classic as they should!”

“In case you were wondering, ABBA ‘Voyage’ is the greatest show on earth,” actor Matt Lucas said. “My jaw hit the floor the moment it began and it’s still down there.” View more reactions below.


Meanwhile, Ulvaeus told us it was “a bit surreal” to see the digital, disco era versions of themselves on stage at first, “but, you get used to it.” He added: “After all, we’ve seen ourselves in pictures and videos from the time almost every day for 40 years.”

After the show, the band came out for an official curtain call. Earlier today, when asked if the concert was a parting gift from the band, Ulvaeus told NME, “I think this is it. It’s sad to say that but then again, you can always take it back, can’t you? So the answer is, it could be yes, it could be no.”

Andersson had a similar response when asked if the concert series would be the end for the Swedish band, joking: “This is what you’ll see, this is what you’ll get. Then we’ll go home and we’ll sleep.”

Last September the creators of ABBA’s ‘Voyage’ spoke to NME about the creation of the concert, the chemistry of the band and how long it’s expected to run for.

Producer Svana Gisla said: “We don’t want to give all the surprises away because we want everyone to come and enjoy it, but there will be lots of hidden surprises, hopefully a bit of stage banter and 100 minutes of pure ABBA euphoria to be part of in this arena that someone had the brilliant idea of them building in the middle of a pandemic and Brexit.

“People talk about ‘immersive experiences’ a lot, but I don’t think that phrase has ever been truly delivered. I hope that when you stand in that arena, within everything that we’ve created specifically to give you that experience, you’ll go, ‘Ah, that’s what it really means’. The audio, the visuals, everything is 360 and there will just be ABBA in the air.”

ABBA Voyage concert photos CREDIT: Johan Persson
ABBA Voyage concert photos CREDIT: Johan Persson
ABBA Voyage
ABBA Voyage concert photos CREDIT: Johan Persson

ABBA’s ‘Voyage’ is in support of the band’s album of the same name, which was released last November. Read the NME review here.


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