Charting R&B Artist Miya Guggs releases new single and lyric video “Some Day” Featuring Grammy Award Winner Anthony Hamilton

Billboard-charting songstress Miya Guggs recent release of her new single and lyric video “Some Day” features Grammy Award-Winner Anthony Hamilton.

The rising R&B songwriter and singer Guggs is climbing the charts with her summer release “Fake news” the follow-up to her top 30 R&B Single Billboard chart  “Situationships.”  Guggs is right back after heating things up with her smooth late summer early fall vibe ” Some Day.”

Open and honest lyrics in her songwriting are what Guggs is known for, and she continues the same with “Some Day.” Guggs is letting it be known to her love interest that she wants the relationship but on her terms, singing “I… And he just wanna love me someday/ I just wanna love em one day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, maybe Friday/ I wouldn’t want it any other way…”  Hamilton’s reply lets her know he understands and whatever she wants is alright with him as he sings  ” I wouldn’t want it any other way/…I know you call and I don’t answer…/ i wanna give you soo much/ …girl the love you give is more then average…/ im lucky just to have ya/ girl you can love me any day…” 

Lyrically, Guggs has put forth a catchy little tune with a big message of mutual understanding as it appears they are both on the same page with the relationship as she and Hamilton sing over and over “I wouldn’t want it any other way/ I wouldn’t want it any other way…”

Watch the lyric video for “Someday” by Miya Guggs below. Out now on all streaming platforms.


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