Everyone has heard about rising oil and gas prices. But also electricity will soon be very expensive. Especially now in the colder months people are struggling in being financially stable. Some try to invest, others try their luck in casino NZ and again others try to save energy whenever they can. This article wants to help you in finding a lack of energy consumption. 

Even in standby mode: 9 devices eat up a surprising amount of power

Numerous devices still eat up a lot of power even in standby mode. In quantity and duration, that can get really expensive.

While the electricity bill gets on many people’s last nerve, they rarely change anything about their household behavior. In fact, a few simple steps can help you save money. For example, you can avoid power guzzlers that consume huge amounts of energy even in standby mode.

Standby or switch off?

Standby mode is also known as “apparent off mode”. It means that you can switch an electrical appliance to the active state at the touch of a button and without any lead time. However, the basic prerequisite for this is a continuous power supply.

So when it comes to saving money and eliminating power hogs, there is only one right answer. Switch off the device completely instead of selecting the sleep mode – at least if you do not want to use it a little later. Even though the former is more convenient, the financial benefit shows up pretty quickly.


Several examples show how hidden devices draw energy via standby mode, as reported by Utopia, among others. The problem: We underestimate the resulting high power consumption.

Following devices should be switched off even if you do not use them: 

Amazon Echo speaker

DVD player

Internet radios

Clock radios

Game consoles

(Gaming) PC

(Smart) TV

XboX, PlayStation and Co., for example, consume an enormous amount of energy when new. They are therefore said to draw even more power per year in standby mode than during active use.

Internet radios, on the other hand, pose a relatively new problem. The small computers need a lot of energy even in standby mode, because they constantly obtain data from the Internet during this time. The reason for this is that when they are switched on properly, they first have to dial into the WLAN and retrieve the radio directory from the network before they can output the stream.

Keeping an eye on smart home devices.

But smart home systems also consume electricity on an ongoing basis. Be it plugs, light bulbs or smart speakers. They are all constantly connected – not only to the Internet, but also to the power grid. In the long run, this eats up a lot of power and can put a strain on your bill, especially at the moment.


If you do not want to unplug a power-hungry device every time you are not using it, consider using power strips with an on/off switch. Especially at night, when you are not using most of the technology in your home anyway, it can be worth it to flip the switch and put an end to several power guzzlers at the same time.

These are just a few tips and tricks to help you in saving energy and elecrtiy. There are more ways. You should educate yourself and also help your friends and family in saving. Not only for money but also because it is environmentally friendlier. And then no one has to be worried about upcoming bills in the winter. 

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