Sh*t That Comes Out Today – November 25, 2022

A few late-year album of the year contenders this week. Listen to these while you try not to get trampled at Walmart. Available via Gimme Metal.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – November 25, 2022


Innate Passage (Stickman)

Progressive doom and heavy psych peddlers Elder have made massive leaps of growth on each record and Innate Passage is no different. Marrying technicality and progressive elements with heavy-as-hell doom and old-school psychedelia, the New England band continue to prove why they’re one of the most special in the game today.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – November 25, 2022

High Command

Eclipse of the Dual Moons (Southern Lord)

Thrash your face off with the new album from High Command. Drenched in speed and nasty aggression with grooves and mosh parts liberally spliced in, Eclipse of the Dual Moons is absolutely essential for old-school metalheads, young thrashers, hardcore kids and anyone who’s ever been excited by the words “sword and sorcery.”

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – November 25, 2022


DEATHWESTERN (Century Media)

Few bands have managed to combine their love of country, Americana and cowpunk with metal in a way that wasn’t, to be blunt, totally fucking corny. SpiritWorld are not your average band, though. A step up in every way from their phenomenal and underrated Pagan Rhythms LP in 2021, DEATHWESTERN is harder, tighter, faster and a more complete vision. This is a special project. Get it here.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – November 25, 2022

In the Woods…

Diversum (Soulseller)

Now three albums into a comeback begun in 2014, In the Woods… stick with the progressive tendencies that they’ve become known for in their modern era. Much like Enslaved, In the Woods… may not be making the heaviest music of their career but exploring in other ways. New singer Bernt Fjellestad makes his debut with the band, breathing fresh life into In the Woods…

Other Shit That Comes Out Today:

Need more to listen to? If you insist!

Celtic Frost, Danse Macabre (North America) (Noise)
Leather, We Are the Chosen (Steamhammer / SPV) Listen


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