AV Super Sunshine Drops New Single

I’ve been a fan of AV Super Sunshine and his individualistic brand of modern songwriting since shortly after his 2015 debut. My appreciation for his talents has deepened over that time with each new release as the Wisconsin based songwriter can rightly claim a level of consistency few other current performers can match. He hasn’t produced anything resembling a dud. His new single “The Neighborhood” is no different. Per usual for AV Super Sunshine, he isn’t content releasing one version of his latest single, but instead releases two – a straight up rock anthem and an EDM inspired version as well. Both will engage listeners as they did me, albeit in different ways.

The EDM version will definitely make new fans for AV Super Sunshine. I am no lover of electronic dance music, but there’s no question that AV Super Sunshine’s take on the form gets into the nitty gritty without any cheap short cuts or gimmicks. He understands the style from beginning to end. It has an irrepressible beat guaranteed to carry away even the most cynical listener and the various electronic instruments will wow even hardened music fans. There’s a lot of imagination fueling this version of the song.

The heart of each performance, however, is AV Super Sunshine’s vocal. Much like select actors and actresses who the camera seems to love, AV Super Sunshine comes across as a man born to perform in a musical setting. The EDM version of “The Neighborhood” affords plenty of breathing space for the song and AV makes exceptional use of those moments. His voice cuts through your speakers and dominates your attention.

It is only a little less so with the rock take on “The Neighborhood”. There’s more going on musically in this version of the song, but that isn’t a slight. AV Super Sunshine’s ability to craft assertive rock and roll without it ever slipping into stridency is one of his many compositional and performing strengths. The lively drumming stays busy throughout the track without overplaying and the fireworks generated by the guitar playing never lapses into full-blown cliché.

His mastery of dynamics is another crucial factor. “The Neighborhood”, in its rock incarnation, surges at the right time and gathers power for another swing at others. There’s nothing fancy about any of it. Instead, it’s AV Super Sunshine wrapping his arms around solid fundamentals and delivering them with a no fuss attitude. The mid-tempo pace he sets for the song is another key component of the track’s success. It sounds like a song that wants to run away from the performer and the resulting tension makes it an even better listening experience.

It’s rare in popular music that we encounter performers so willing and committed to being all things to all listeners. Moreover, it’s rarer still to find an artist capable of pulling it off. AV Super Sunshine’s new single “The Neighborhood” does that with power, panache, and brains to boot. It’s one of the liveliest musical experiences yet in the new year.

Chadwick Easton


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