Phi Tribe Introduces Psycho Acoustic Technology

Not all musically inclined imaginations think alike. We live in bold and exciting times where several cutting-edge musical projects look far beyond the usual template of verse-chorus-bridge toward new challenges capable of enriching aural artistic experiences. Phi Tribe music leads the way into this uncharted territory and blazes its idiosyncratic trail using Psycho Acoustic Technology. It tunes its musical efforts into what many dub Nature’s Golden Ratio and operates on an assortment of frequencies. Phi Tribe intends the use of these particular frequencies to promote healing of the mind, body, and spirit rather than prodding you to dance or sing along. This daring new creative venture has experienced massive success so far on the YouTube platform having earned more than 10 million views since its January 2022 founding. They are due so many more.


Some will assign labels to this endeavor that it does not deserve. They will label it as “New Age” or “hippie”, all delivered with a derisive sneer, and not befitting the ambition clearly on display. It is not a fad but, instead, the product of extensive research and an inherent desire to spread positivity in a world craving it more and more. The selection of videos Phi Tribe has available on their YouTube channel is extensive. Many of them are geared towards helping listeners achieve more restful and restorative sleep, such as the channel’s new Soaking Series and various other videos.

Others focus on aiding the listener’s meditation efforts. There are other videos, as well, intended to help deal with PTSD issues, detoxification, and achieving bodily equilibrium. There is a great deal of Eastern thought and wisdom rife throughout the channel, such as mantras and chakras included to enhance the listening experience. Phi Tribe’s channel is a truly immersive aural and visual journey that, largely due to the length of the videos, isn’t readily exhausted. The bevy of riches is impressive.

Moreover, these are far from sloppily put together products. It is clear that the creative forces behind the channel take a great deal of time and care crafting each video. There is no question it is a big reason why they have garnered, thus far, over 18 million views in a little over a year since its founding. The videos, as well, do not rely on synthesizer driven soundscapes exclusively. Phi Tribe music makes excellent use of percussion to further enhance the experience for subscribers.

It is an eye-opening trip. The possibilities for mental, physical, and spiritual redemption not wedded to any dogma are all around us. Phi Tribe has put in the necessary time and mental effort to understand how these forces can shape and influence our lives in a positive direction and crafted each video with that knowledge in mind. Resist any temptation to pigeonhole or label this ongoing project because you cannot limit it. There are no barriers, arbitrary or otherwise, preventing you from taking part in this experience to the fullest extent possible. It is well worth every second.

Chadwick Easton


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