Smoulder Announce Album Release for April

Epic doom band Smoulder just announced a new record, Violent Creed of Vengeance, out April 21 via Cruz Del Sur Music.

This is their first record in four years, following Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring.

Smoulder Announce Album Release for April

Frontwoman of the band Sarah Ann relocated from Canada to Helsinki, Finland, where she enjoys nature hikes set to soaring metal soundtracks in her headphones and creating even more epic metal for the masses. Smoulder have always been a band that embrace tackling social themes, and on this new record, they tackle misogyny and rape culture.

This record was written and rehearsed during all the downtime during and following the height of the pandemic, and then recorded by Valtteri Kallio and Jani Snellmain during July 2022 in Espoo, Finland. The cover art was done by Michael Whelan, also of Cirith Ungol, Obituary, and Sepultura art fame, and features some seriously tough warrior women. Lyrics on the record focus on themes like taking revenge on misogynists and rapists as well as their enablers and those who don’t take these issues seriously.

Check out a single from the record, “The Talisman and the Blade,” below.

Of the new record, Sarah Ann says: “I used to loathe when bands used the word ‘mature.’ The same goes for when bands say ‘This is our best album,’ but…. this album is mature and better than the debut.”

Preorder Violent Creed of Vengeance here. 

Track Listing:

1. Violent Creed of Vengeance
2. The Talisman and the Blade
3. Midnight in the Mirror World
4. Path Of Witchery
5. Victims Of Fate
6. Spellforger
7. Dragonslayer’s Doom


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