The Ark Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Two By Two

While the crew tried to find a new fuel source, Lt. Lane grappled with his newfound secret.

The Ark Season 1 Episode 6 revealed more about the William Trust secret, and we finally found out why Lt. Brice kept his secrets.

These plot threads melded together well, and the series produced the best episode of the season so far.

The hour started light-hearted (as light-hearted as a show like this can be), with Angus presenting the crew with a small bounty from the first harvest from the biodome.

The episode goes down from a happy start to a lack of fuel and dark secrets being revealed. Everyone bared their souls to someone from Lt. Lane to Lt. Brice and even to Dr. Kabir.

Or, in Dr. Kabir’s case, had their souls read like a book.

Felix found Dr. Kabir in mania, cleaning everything in the med bay while still stressed about patients. The problem was that there were no patients, and Felix wanted her to take a break finally.

Shortly after, he determined that she was using the drugs to help her stay awake and immediately approached her about her newfound addiction.

Luckily, he confronted her as a friend and shipmate, not as the law. He volunteered to help her kick the addiction and take care of the medbay while she recovered through withdrawal.

Dr. Kabir: How stupid do you think I am? Do you think I would compromise myself like that? Do you really think so little of me?
Felix: Are you done yelling at me? Notice I’m here alone. I’m giving you this chance to beat your addiction. If you do that, and I will help you, this will stay between the two of us.
Dr. Kair [crying]: I didn’t mean for it to get out of hand, but all the other doctors are dead and I’m the only one left, so I started taking them to stay awake, so I could help my patients!

This side of Felix was nice to see, instead of his usual seriousness. Seeing Dr. Kabir’s true panic was great, and both performers got to show off their acting chops.

The second big secret involved Lt. Brice and Eva. It revolved around Lt. Brice’s dodginess with Dr. Kabir, and he suddenly passed out after Angus’s bounty.

Eva thought it was alcohol, but Brice revealed that it wasn’t, but he also didn’t share what exactly happened. Eva still swore to secrecy but became skeptical of him.

Lt Brice once again volunteered for another (potentially) deadly mission, but Eva refused to let him go alone. During this mission, Eva got told the truth: Lt. Brice is dying.

He had a terminal illness for a while, and there was no known cure. The worst part of it? He doesn’t know how long he has to live—a terrible position.

Eva: Is it contagious? How do I know that you won’t pass out at a time that endangers others?
Brice: It’s not, and I won’t.
Eva: Give me your word.
Brice: I swear on my mother.
Eva: Do you like your mother?
Brice: Yes very much.
Eva: Then your secret is safe with me.

While we feel compassion for him, we wonder if an entire space journey is the best for his health, even if he argued that it’s an excellent way to live the rest of his life.

Tiana Upcheva’s portrayal of Eva continued to be one of the best performances in the series. Her quick wit balanced out her character’s fiery persona well throughout the hour.

One final secret got revealed: Lt. Lane told Car Brandice about William Trust’s presence on the ship, and she had an interesting reaction to the news.

We couldn’t tell if her reaction was good or bad, but it was telling. She must have some history with the powerful man.

She promised not to tell anyone else and made Lt. Lane do the same. Lt. Lane then went to do more investigation on the bodies and the pods, and he found yet another secret room.

This secret room contained the DNA of (potentially) hundreds of different animals and animal species: just like Noah’s Ark.

As if it weren’t obvious enough, the writers even made Lt. Lane say something that directly referenced Noah’s story (which also became the episode title).

They went two by two into the Ark.


Lt. Lane’s discovery of all the different DNA brought more into question. The original mission, we assumed, was to find a new, habitable planet for humans.

But why is William Trust on the ship? Lt. Lane found out that Trust was supposed to be on Ark Five. So why did he get on Ark One?

What’s the real goal of the mission? What does Trust want to do on these hypothetical new planets?

Whatever the answers may be, Lt. Lane is now stuck in the middle of it (and we still don’t have any good reasons to like him as a character).

He and Lt. Garnet shared a rare, civil moment where she revealed a small secret that can only be partially considered her secret.

She found booze in the captain’s quarters and shared it with Lt. Lane, where they had a (well-written) conversation about respect for each other and the rest of the crew.

It became the first time in the series that the two saw eye to eye on more profound things, and hopefully will wind up being the start of a healthy working relationship.

The final twist was a good surprise and left us wanting the next episode immediately!

The planet that potentially had all-important fuel turned out to have nothing on it because the planet wasn’t what was getting picked up on Ark One’s scanners.

It was another Ark.

The credits rolled right after this big reveal, which made us groan and yell at our screens for more.

What does this mean? They also detected (thanks to Alicia and Angus) some of the scary elements that melted Brice’s glove. Could the ship have been affected by the same element?

Only time will tell, but we wish to speed up time immediately. The twist surprised us, and that’s not something we can say about the other twists throughout the season.

So Fanatics, what did you think of the sixth episode?

Are you as excited as we are to see what happens next? What do you think they’ll find on the other Ark?

Let us know in the comments below!

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