Fire Country Round Table: Who is the Arsonist?

Both crews traveled outside the County to help contain a massive fire set by the arsonist on Fire Country Season 1 Episode 16.

As leadership was tested for many characters, Bode and Eve grappled with Rebecca’s death.

Our Fire Country Fanatics Jasmine, Dale, and Denis got together to discuss some of the episode’s biggest moments and their theories about who the arsonist could be.

Rebecca’s death had a huge effect on Bode and Eve. What do you think of how they dealt with it later?

Jasmine: I was impressed that they managed to make Rebecca’s death meaningful and something that affected others, namely Bode and Eve. They both handled things as you’d expect. Eve naturally takes everything upon herself, and I understand her wanting to step back.

Bode was brooding as usual, blaming Manny, then trying to prove himself was pretty on-brand. As you can imagine, I found Eve the most sympathetic.

Dale: I think they both blamed themselves for Rebecca’s death, even though neither was at fault. They just reacted in totally different manners. Eve attempted to step away until Vince convinced her to throw herself into her work.

Bode went in the opposite direction, throwing himself too hard into his work and putting himself at risk. They both recognized the error in their reactions, but it took each some time to process Rebecca’s death.

Denis: Their reactions were to be expected, and Eve considered it a sign that she shouldn’t be leading anyone anywhere while Bode’s hero complex took a huge hit. Eve tending in a letter appeared to be overly dramatic on her part. Or maybe the death affected her a lot. I couldn’t make up my mind.

Leadership was explored a lot in the episode. Who’s your kind of leader?

Jasmine: Hm. I would say either Vince or Manny. They both do an excellent job of giving people leeway and guiding them. They give great advice that sticks, even if it resonates later. They aren’t smothering or overbearing.

Dale: I’d have to go with Vince. He’s done it all and can communicate his point in a few words. Sharon is a great leader as well. But her role is more administrative now, while Vince remains in the trenches with his firefighters.

Denis: I’d go with Manny. I didn’t appreciate his leadership until Pelham came into the picture and saw how worse it could be. Even Bode realized Manny doesn’t do things for the sake of it; he always has a plan.

Colin tried to bro out with Jake. What are your thoughts about this?

Jasmine: That he’s doing this to get closer to Jake and possibly use him as the patsy for his arsonist debauchery. Colin is smarter than he lets on.

Dale: It’s got to be part of his bigger scheme as the arsonist, even though he doesn’t seem that intelligent. He did get Jake to admit that he had arsonist tendencies when drinking afterward. I don’t understand how the work records could have been altered to make Jake seem guilty to Sharon. 

Denis: It’s a scheme, yes. He needs to learn anything he can to set Jake up. He needs to access every space Jake occupies to plant evidence if that’s his goal.

What’s your take on Bode’s bravado?

Jasmine: Broody Bode… it’s all he does. As usual, it was on brand for him and the least interesting aspect of the episode. But I can accept Bode as the vehicle ushering in more interesting storylines and characters. He at least makes it fun to poke fun at him.

I can’t tell you how often I rolled my eyes at him trying to prove himself to this jerk. I wish I could just blame it on Bode’s reaction to Rebecca’s death if he hasn’t proven time and again that he behaves like that frequently. 

Dale: In his grief, he stupidly struggled to make the Shamrocks boss believe in him and to redeem the Leone name. Manny got that this stance was Bode’s way of dealing with Rebecca’s death. He was striving to save those in prison to make up for being unable to save Rebecca.

As usual, Bode eventually woke up after impulsively behaving like an ass. Occasionally, it would be nice for him to think before he acts.

Denis: It used to annoy me, but I’ve made peace with it. It’s who he is; the most I can do is cuss out when he does his thing. Who knows? In due time I might come to like it. I liked that the writers were aware of how he comes off, though.

I know we are convinced that Colin is the arsonist. But if he isn’t, who else do you think it could be?

Jasmine: I cannot think of anyone who fits the bill other than Colin. They have yet to develop any other firefighters beyond the handful we know, and none of them feel like a realistic choice or a character the series could afford to lose. It would suck if they blamed it on some random person we barely know. 

Dale: Since only around seven non-convict firefighters have been introduced, that’s a tiny suspect pool. Among those, none other than Colin acts at all sketchy – certainly not Jake, of all people. 

Denis: It can’t be an inmate firefighter because there is no freedom, so it has to be a Station 42 member. They’d have to be single to get away with such odd movement patterns. They’d also have to have a thing for fire. It could be Eve or Jake. I see why everyone might think it’s Jake.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from the episode, and why?

Jasmine: I loved how casually Vince chatted with the shot-callers and got them to do what he needed. Vince is effortlessly cool. 

Dale: It was when Bode woke up and convinced the Shamrocks’ boss that they had done all they could and it was time to pull his team out of danger. Bode got him to see there was no dishonor in not risking his firefighters unnecessarily. And the boss respected him for doing so.

Denis: Freddy called Pelham “Mr. Organism,” and I swear nothing has ever sounded funnier.

Anything else, good or bad, you would like to point out about the episode?

Jasmine: Sharon did seem much healthier than you’d expect.

I was so annoyed at the mother and daughter who refused to leave when the fire was coming. All they did was give the first responders more work and pressure. It was irresponsible. 

Dale: Did Sharon get cured, and I missed it? Her condition was barely mentioned in this episode. Sure, some viewers are getting tired of that storyline. But it can’t just be ignored, especially the question of whether she’ll do the obvious thing and accept Bode’s kidney.

Denis: Yep! How’d they just gloss over the fact that Sharon is terminally ill? I checked to see whether I’d missed a season because she seemed as healthy as a horse. Wasn’t she passing out a few weeks ago?

What did you think of the questions and answers?

Chime in below.

Fire Country continues Fridays on CBS.

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