99 Neighbors released the new single “Waldosia” via 99 Records, its own independent label venture through Outback Presents distributed via Virgin. Entirely produced by the collective and showcasing Maari on vocals, “Waldosia” is 99 Neighbors’ first release of 2023 and available everywhere now:

Streaming link:

The lo-fi dance track puts the collective’s creative versatility on full display, shying away from its signature sound-lyricism over heady jazz/electronica-infused production-heard on Television and 2021’s follow-up, Wherever You’re Going I Hope It’s Great.

In addition, the group has announced their official act status at the 2023 SXSW Music Festival, where they will be performing across various official showcases. With over 100M streams and a reputation for pushing boundaries in rap through inclusivity, self-love, and creative exploration, 99 Neighbors continues to challenge norms and press the boundaries of creative expression.

The group, formed in 2018 in their native Burlington, Vermont, consists of lead singer/songwriter Aidan “Nadia” Nygaard Osby, producers Caleb “Somba” Hoh and Julian “Juju” Segar-Reid, rappers Sam “Maari” Paulino and Hank “HANKNATIVE” Collins, and producer Jared Fier. Their debut album Television was met with positive acclaim in 2019, and their 2021 follow-up Wherever You’re Going I Hope It’s Great was praised for its emotional depth and jazz/hip-hop/electronica-infused soundscape.

Returning from tour, the group released “Static” in August 2022, their first collaboration with former seeyousoon member and now trusted collaborator WAHID. Now, in 2023, the collective has launched their own independent label, 99 Records, to release various side projects, including the upcoming collaborative project Black Knot between Maari, Juju, and WAHID.

This move towards launching their own independent label highlights 99 Neighbors’ commitment to creative autonomy and allowing them to have greater control over their releases. With Black Knot on the horizon, fans can expect more exciting collaborations from the group in the future.

In the meantime, “Waldosia” serves as a promising start to the year for the group. The track’s catchy and energetic sound is a departure from their previous releases, showcasing their versatility and willingness to experiment with different styles. Maari’s vocals provide a smooth and effortless delivery over the pulsing beats, creating a track that’s perfect for dance floors and late-night drives alike.

As the group prepares for their SXSW showcases, fans can look forward to seeing 99 Neighbors’ electrifying performances and experiencing their innovative approach to rap firsthand. With their independent label venture and continued commitment to pushing creative boundaries, 99 Neighbors is a group to watch in the coming months.


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