Billy McFarland Says He’s Secured Funding for Fyre Fest 2.0 and Broadway Musical

Disgraced Fyre Fest founder Billy McFarland says he has secured funding to stage to a “2.0 version” of the festival, as well as a companion Broadway musical.

McFarland made the announcement via his TikTok, as well as in an interview with NYC street journalist Adam Glyn (see below). In the latter clip, he spoke while standing outside of a bar with venture capitalist John Cerasani, who appears to be backing McFarland’s ventures.

The musical, which will apparently preempt the festival, is dubbed “Fyre Fest 1.5” As McFarland explained, “Instead of like traditional Broadway actors, it’s going to be current music artists, combined with the Broadway format of the play — making fun of me, but also I think sharing some of the good sides as well.”


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“That’s going to lead to the Island, McFarland continued, where he will attempt to stage a second version of Fyre Fest.

He said his financial backers have agreed to pay off existing debts from the first Fyre Fest, including anyone who is owed money in the Bahamas.”They’re getting paid back and getting paid back, like right now,” he claimed.

While he declined to go into specifics, McFarland said Fyre Fest 2.0 would take place on an island, but not in the Bahamas. He also claimed that several artists have expressed interest in playing the event.”The reaction for getting artists has been so extreme,” McFarland said. “Really, like half of them are like, fuck off, how dare you can call us. And they’re half — like, literally after I tweeted that Fyre Fest 2.0 is happening, they’ve been texting, emailing, saying, ‘Hey, like what can we do to come.’”


In 2018, McFarland pleaded guilty to multiple counts of wire fraud in connection to Fyre Fest 1.0, admitting that he defrauded investors over the festival’s financial status and provided falsified documents to secure funding. He ended up serving four years in prison and has been ordered to pay restitution of $26 million to the defrauded investors.


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