SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) ‘손오공’ Official MV

SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) ‘손오공’ Official MV

#손오공 #Super

Director|Oui Kim
Producer|Yeonjin Kim, Hyunsik Bang
1st AD|Huiwon Song
2nd AD|Sunyoung Kim, Hyeri Shin

Director of Photography|EumKo
Focus Puller|Youngwoo Lee
2nd AC|Eunil Lee
DIT|Yuntae Ko
3rd AC|Donghyun Lee

Scorpio Crane 38ft|Service Vision Korea
Head Tech|Taehyun Choi
Crane Oper|Jisoo Woo
Crane Tech|Hakser Kim
Assist|Bumki Lee, Woojin Im

Drone Team|GodFinger
Drone Opreator|Minjae Lee
Gimbal Operator|Junhwan Cha
1st Assist|Youngjun Park
2nd Assist|Euntae Lee

Gaffer|Joonghyuk Jung
Crew|Hyunsuk Kim, Minhyeok Back, Hwayong Chung, Dongyun Sin, Yusung Han, Youngmin Choi

Show Light|Jshow company
Crew|Minseok Choi, Kisoon Kwak, Yebum Bang, Junho Jeong, Jiwoong Han, Yerim Kwon, Haeyoung Kang, Junki Jeong, Sebin Lee, Dongchul Park, Yongil Lee, Youngseo Park, Junhee Song

Art Director|Heeju Park
Art team|Hilda Yoon, DR Han, Jihyun Yoon, Dongwook Won, Dongsuk Won, Hwandyek Baek

SFX Representative|Choulyoung Park
SFX Head|Wonjun Oh, Jaesung Park
SFX Team leader|Chongyoung Seol
SFX Team member|Youngmin Park, Junhak Lee

Location Team|it place
Crew|Eunjoo Choi, Kyeongwon Kim

Production Assistant|Taein Jung, Dongkwon Kim, Hyeoksu Jang

VFX Supervisior, FX Lead|Daeyoung Byun
2D Composite Lead|Ayoung Lee

2D Composite Artist|Daecheol Ha, Kyeongjin Lee

2D Cleaning|CORE Studio
Crew|Dohan Kim, Miyeon Lee

Colorist|Changbeen Yu
Assist|Soyeon Kim

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