Google Thinks Animal Collective is Anal Cunt

Animal Collective is an experimental indie pop band beloved for its intricate arrangements, ornate vocal harmonies, and abstract lyrics. Anal Cunt was a grindcore band that lived up to its name by making aggressive, outrageous, and offensive music. The two groups couldn’t be more different, and yet right now Google is confusing one for the other.

As Twitter user jetskitosway was the first to point out, a search for “Animal Collective” on Google currently results in Anal Cunt’s name being displayed alongside photographs of Animal Collective. What’s more, Google is attributing Animal Collective’s numerous albums to Anal Cunt.

Beyond the two bands sharing the same initials, there’s no obvious answer for why Google is confusing the two bands: Animal Collective’s most famous album is named after an amphitheater, and Anal Cunt released a song called “I’m Gonna Give You AIDS.” Animal Collective has a publicity photo in which they pose with a cute dog, and Anal Cunt’s late leader Seth Putnam was once photographed shooting up heroin while receiving oral sex. Animal Collective’s members are all alive, and Putnam died of a heart attack in 2011.


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There’s literally nothing the two bands have in common, but don’t tell that to Google. And who ever said AI couldn’t be funny.


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