Watch Bryan Adams’ relaxed response after fan crashes stage to take microphone

Bryan Adams had a relaxed response after a fan invaded his performance and jumped on stage to sing ‘Summer Of 69’.

During his recent concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, Adams was singing his 1984 hit when a fan decided to jump on stage and take the microphone from the singer.

The Canadian hitmaker stepped back to let the fan sing the intro of ‘Summer Of 69’. He managed to belt out the second line of lyrics to the song, ‘Bought it at the five and dime / played until,’ before being swept away by security


Adams remained unfazed and picked up where the fan left off, completing the lyric. He took to Instagram to post a video of the interaction with the caption: “Sometimes you just gotta laugh.”


Some guy jumped on stage at @Bryan Adams concert last night in SLC and was dragged off by security. Bryan’s reaction was incredible. #bryanadams #bryanadamsconcert #concert #music #livemusic #concerttime #80srock #bryanadamssumemerof69 #summerof69 #concertcrasher #slc #bryanadamssaltlake

♬ original sound – Alicia

Fans took to the comment section to praise the singer’s professionalism during the incident with one person saying: “I was there! What a crazy moment! Ya gotta admire Bryan’s professionalism. He just stepped back, let the crazy be crazy, let the professionals do their job, and continued like NOTHING had happened”

American Supermodel Linda Evangelista also took to the comments sharing: “You laughed at me same way when I tried unsuccessfully to get near your stage.” Other celebrities who left comments include Questlove who praised Adams with a “YES!” and Simple Plan’s Pierre Bouvier who said “Freakin epic!”.

Though Adams was not injured by a flying object thrown by a fan, there has been an odd influx of concertgoers interrupting gigs.


Singer Bebe Rexha was recently hit in the head by a fan’s phone and required stitches.  Pink was left stunned by a fan throwing their mother’s ashes on stage at BST Hyde Park (and later a wheel of cheese), and Lil Nas X had to pause a show at the weekend when a fan threw a sex toy on stage.


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