New Music Friday: EHLE breaks loose

Notes on this week’s new releases:

  • Seriously though the EHLE single is very brilliant. “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour” — A LYRIC. There’s something slightly Aloudian about the unhin­ged­ness of Finders Keepers, EHLE’s fourth (fourth!!) excellent single of 2020.
  • Gorgon City have released their best single in about a hundred years. Evan Giia has a good voice, right? Nicely done everyone.
  • Sir Sly‘s Material Boy sounds like a lost MGMT track. Quite good.
  • Hard to imagine the strange series of events that led to Maja Kristina covering The Pointer Sisters’ Slow Hand, although there’s a chance it might involve auto­com­plete and Niall Horan. Anyway: it’s an extremely good track.
  • Not sure if you noticed Koko‘s All Together Now earlier this year but it was a bit of a slowburn belter. Anyway they’re back today with So Nice To Meet You, which inter­pol­ates Public Image Ltd’s This Is Not A Love Song.
  • Sophie Ellis-Bextor‘s covered Alcazar’s Crying At The Discotheque. It is the best idea for a Sophie Ellis-Bextor cover since she had a go at Propaganda’s Duel.
  • You will note that the previous three songs each do something new with something old. You may be thinking: “I would like to hear a four new song that is also an old song.” Well.
  • Kygo‘s reign of terror continues, with Donna Summer the latest diva to be on the receiving end. Do you remember that amazing Firestone track he did with Conrad Sewell? They were different times weren’t they? Simpler times. I didn’t ever think I’d be nostalgic for the specific period in my life when Kygo did that amazing Firestone track with Conrad Sewell but here we are. Sometimes we don’t really appre­ci­ate the beauty of a moment until it’d faded, do we? A lesson for us all there. UPDATE: Actually once you’re over the shock this is quite good isn’t it?

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