Freddy and Jason Cover Extreme’s “More Than Words”

The Merkins — the same jokesters responsible last year’s Mandalorian-themed Guns N’ Roses cover — have returned.

This time out, they’ve offered up “More Than Burns,” a Freddy vs. Jason-themed take Extreme’s “More Than Words” (which remains the most beautiful song ever written about trying to get your S.O. to have sex with you and/or do household chores more often).

Is it goofy? Well… duh. But some of it is pretty clever — like the way they incorporate Jason’s infamous echoey whisper.

Also, it’s not “clever,” really, but it’s hard not appreciate re-casting drummer Paul Geary’s role in the original “More Than Words” video with Pamela Voorhees.

You can have a few yuks with the video below.

Incidentally, if you like these movies as much as we do, we’ve ranked all the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street movies (and the Halloween movies, too!) from worst to best.

[via Metal Hammer]


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