O.J. Simpson Receives Coronavirus Vaccine

O.J. Simpson is many things, but he is not an anti-vaxxer. The former NFL star-turned-accused murderer received his coronavirus vaccine on Friday.

Simpson, who was previously seen partying without a mask, got his shot in Las Vegas on Friday. He was photographed wearing a mask that said, “The Juice” (of course), which he subsequently posted to Twitter. In an accompanying caption, Simpson wrote, “Get your shot. I got mine!!!”

Simpson’s lawyer told the New York Post that his client was eligible to receive the vaccine due to his advanced age (he’s 73). “If you’re 70-plus, you’re eligible for the shot — you can schedule your shot and they’ll do it,” Malcolm P. LaVergne said. “There’s no favoritism with him being a celebrity — that has nothing to do with his getting the shot.”

As for why Simpson felt the need to tweet about his vaccination, LaVergne explained, “He has a pretty substantial Twitter following — this is him telling everyone, trying to motivate people, to get their shot. He’s getting his shot at the earliest possible opportunity and he’s urging everyone as a matter of public service to please get yours, too.”

In other news, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman did not receive their coronavirus vaccines, because they are dead.


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