Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 5 Review: In Your Care

Burgess started off the hour getting drunk and hooking up with Ruzek, but by the end of Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 5, she was driving home as a foster mom. 

As they say, a lot can change in the span of 24 hours! 

Burgess-centric episodes are always top-notch; they’re right up there next to Atwater-centric episodes. And the powers that be even blessed us with a Burgess and Atwater scene, which has become all too scarce these days.


Back at It - Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 5

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Burgess and Ruzek team-up, but as this episode proves, it’s nice — and even enlightening — when other members of Intelligence interact with each other. They don’t have to be siloed to their romantic partners all the time. 

Burgess and Atwater had such a close relationship in the early seasons of the series that it makes sense that he would be her go-to for advice. It was nice to see that acknowledged again. 

Burgess: Don’t we know better than this?
Ruzek: Do we?
Burgess: If not, we might be insane.

While Burgess seemed to have her mind mostly made up about wanting to foster Makayla, running it by Atwater, who could remain impartial (unlike Ruzek) and had some personal experience with raising kids, helped solidify her decision. 

Burgess obviously understands the hardships of fostering a child, especially a child that has undergone trauma, but with everything going on in the world, it was important that she also factored in race and her career into her decision.

After having considered every angle, Burgess determined she was up for the challenge. My only hope is that the series specifically addresses how she’s going to juggle being a foster mom with her demanding career. Will she take on less while she navigates motherhood? 

It was also important for Ruzek to weigh in on her decision, and I’m glad she ran it by him because it’s an acknowledgment that it will affect their relationship as well.

Burgess: So is this part of our relationship now? We’re accepting that every six months or so, we sleep together?
Ruzek: It’d be real alright with me. Or we could try the version where we sleep together on the regular.
Burgess: What version is that?
Ruzek: That would be called dating. We already act like a couple. Is it so crazy that we try again?
Burgess: Yup.
Ruzek: Why?
Burgess: Because, uh, I think I know what I want now.
Ruzek: Fine.
Burgess: I want all of it, Adam. I want the proposal. I want getting married in some bad banquet hall, I want to have babies, I want the job, I want the mess. I want the whole thing.
Ruzek: Kay.
Burgess: Still want to talk to me about dating?
Ruzek: Yes.

Prior to her decision to foster, #Burzek spent the night together. He even suggested that they start seeing each other on a regular basis. Admittedly, I get way too giddy whenever Burgess and Ruzek are together; they fit so well and their chemistry is palpable. 

If you keep going back to the same person over and over again, you’re either crazy or in love. In this case, I think they’re crazy in love but choosing to remain cautious. 

When Burgess mentioned that she wanted the whole “mess” of a boyfriend, a wedding in a banquet hall, and babies, she may have been trying to scare Ruzek away, but it wasn’t working because he wants all of that too. 

Adding Makayla into the equation obviously shakes things up, but I think Ruzek will step up to the plate and be a huge source of support for them.

You’re a good kid who was dealt a bad hand…and you played it wrong. Miguel, you’re still young. This is still your life.


And hopefully, Burgess will accept the help and stop pushing him away. It’s about time that they just admit that they have feelings for each other and that they’re better off together than apart.

Either way, we know Ruzek is going to be involved in this child’s life in some shape or form because, romantic relationship or not, he’s always going to be in Burgess’s life. 

Whereas Atwater came from a place of acknowledging that the journey is tough but rewarding, Ruzek wanted to make sure that Burgess wasn’t trying to replace what they lost when she miscarried.

It was a valid concern.

The thought that Burgess was just trying to fill a void crossed my mind, but you can tell Burgess cares about Makayla and feels genuinely connected to her. 

They’ve both gone through trauma, so maybe together they can start the healing process. 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t turn into a ball of mushy goo when Burgess looked into her rearview mirror and saw Makayla smiling back at her. It’s the first time we’ve seen that precious little girl smile, which means that Makayla feels comfortable and trusts Burgess. 

I truly think this is going to be good for both of them. Plus, without Kathy, Makayla would have just gone into the system; Burgess is her best option right now. 

It’s unclear if this will be a temporary or a permanent set-up, but either way, I’m excited to explore this new chapter of Burgess’ life.

Ruzek: You know you can’t replace what we lost.
Burgess: I’m not trying to. I feel something for this kid, I do. I feel close to her.
Ruzek: I understand. But just yesterday we’re talking about trauma and you told me how that’s not real, right?

Intelligence thought they were investigating potential car jackings (which, fun fact, have been an increasing problem in the city of Chicago these past few weeks), but the case took an unexpected turn when it was revealed that prostitution was involved. 

But it made sense as to why these men, who were brutally beaten to a pulp, refused to cooperate with the investigation; they were embarrassed by their own, disgusting actions.

It’s one thing that I didn’t see that coming, but it’s another thing that Intelligence didn’t see it coming.

It was an interesting case for the team to tackle because they had nothing to lean on.

Usually, they’re able to track down family, friends, witnesses, or even an accomplice, but since these kids only had each other, they weren’t going to snitch.

There was an amount of loyalty that Intelligence couldn’t crack, and they had nothing to fall back on and no strings to pull.

Once the teens’ motives were revealed, the case was absolutely heartbreaking. Even when some workers are doing their best, the system has failed so many children, which is exactly what Burgess didn’t want for Makayla. 

Burgess approaches every case with her heart on her sleeve. She can’t save all the children — although she sure as hell will try — but this is her way of making a tiny difference. 

I’ll admit that I wasn’t entirely sure why Burgess told Miguel to say that his friends were in Iowa when the journal revealed they were looking for homes in Atlanta . . . could someone explain that to me?

However, I will say that I wish there was a better resolution to the case. Miguel was arrested, his friends were in the wind (which is what he wanted as it gave them a fighting chance), and Lily was still unconscious last we heard. 

Did she/will she ever wake up? The case didn’t feel properly wrapped, which means that it would be perfect to explore as a multi-episode arc in the near future. 

While Burgess always brings powerhouse performances, the series has pretty much reduced Voight to a minor character who only interjects a few times throughout the episode to give orders or steer the case in the right direction. 

Can we give him some screentime? Jason Beghe deserves better. I can’t even remember the last time there was an episode focused on Voight, but I definitely think that without Olinsky and Antonio, he isn’t utilized as much anymore. It’s a bummer. 

What did you think of the episode, TV Fanatics? 

Do you think Burgess made the right decision by Makayla? Are you rooting for her and Ruzek? Let us know in the comments below! 

Be sure to catch up on episodes and watch Chicago PD online now! 

Lizzy Buczak is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter and read her personal blog at CraveYouTV.


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