Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 4 Review: The Fate of the Buried Treasure

One thing is for sure. Nancy Drew has become one of the best series on network television. 

There’s not a single episode that leaves viewers unsatisfied. Each installment can elicit a range of emotions that other shows can’t even dream of evoking throughout their entire run. 

From the jump scares, to the mysteries, to the romances, to the friendships, Nancy Drew has become must-watch television. And Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 4 is further proof of it. 

As we predicted in our Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 3 review, the dybbuk box didn’t solve the Aglaeca problem. However, the quest to put it together did bring the Drew Crew one step closer to defeating the Aglaeca, once and for all. 

But is defeating the Aglaeca still the goal?

We fill it with meaningful objects from the ghost’s life and a totem from their death. That’s the bait. Once they get drawn inside they’re trapped.


It was impossible to miss the look in Nancy’s eyes when the Aglaeca’s hand ever so briefly turned into that of a human girl. 

As we discovered along with Nancy throughout the episode, the Aglaeca wasn’t always an evil spirit that haunted Horseshoe Bay. She was a human girl who lived a pretty terrible life. 

Not only did Nancy start to sympathize with her, but she even found herself defending her honor to a Horseshoe Bay tour guide.

The founding fathers shaved Odette’s head and humiliated her and bound her with rope. And then they threw her into a dark and frigid sea where she was choked by seaweed and her lungs filled up with seawater until she couldn’t breathe anymore. And then they stole everything that she had ever worked hard for. So that is your Horseshoe Bay town history.


The tour guide was quick to tell his group that no documentation confirmed Nancy’s story, but that changed when Nancy stumbled upon a letter from Agnes Marvin. 

Now that Nancy has proof of what happened to Odette, she can set history right. Could this be the key to freeing the Drew Crew from the Aglaeca’s wrath?

What’s particularly compelling about this possibility is that it’s the complete opposite of what viewers expected. 

The question so far hasn’t been how to help the Aglaeca. It’s been how to defeat the Aglaeca.

For episodes on end, the Drew Crew has seen the Aglaeca as the enemy. And, considering that she’s out to murder them, she is. But what if they start looking at her as someone who needs to be saved?

I get that you’re pissed! You want to tell your story. You were robbed of everything. We will help you if you let us!


Vengeful spirits are usually vengeful for a reason, and Odette is no exception. 

Does it give her an excuse to kill everyone? Not exactly. But, to be fair, the Aglaeca doesn’t go on random murder sprees. The Drew Crew did summon her, make a deal, and not hold up their end of the bargain. 

They realized they can hurt the Aglaeca, meaning they can probably kill her, but will they follow through with it?

Nancy has a difficult time opening up to people, but there’s no denying that she has a huge heart. If there’s a way to save the Aglaeca, rather than kill her, it seems like an opportunity that Nancy is going to take. 

The Drew Crew had only two days left to live at the start of the episode, and emotions were high. There were sentimental moments all around, and some hurt more than others. 

Although George’s talk with her little sister was a close second, Nick’s confession to George was the most impactful one. 

Nick: I love you.
George: You what?
Nick: I love you. You take care of everything and everyone and I know you don’t need anyone to take care of you. But you need to know you’re loved. You asked me before what changed from yesterday to today. What do I stand to lose? And it isn’t the four million and change in my bank account and the USB drive full of secrets that could bring down the Hudson Empire. It’s…it’s us. I want to beat the Aglaeca so we can have a shot.
George: Damn. I’m that good in bed?
Nick: I mean it.
George: I’m not ready to say it back.
Nick: Good. Good, good. Because I’m not looking to hear it back. But you saying that…it kind of makes me love you a little more.

It was a romantic moment between the two of them, but that wasn’t what made it such a powerful scene. 

Like Nancy, George has always had difficulty connecting with people because of the walls she puts up. But unlike Nancy, she has allowed Nick to break them down. Nick sees George for who she really is, and he wasn’t afraid to say it to her face. And it was exactly what George needed to hear. 

George is always so busy taking care of everyone else that she often neglects herself. In Nancy Drew Season 1, sometimes it felt as though she didn’t see herself as a person, as much as she saw herself as a caregiver. 

Her purpose was to take care of her little sisters and keep her mom in line. Because of this, George wasn’t able to find her identity outside of this role. It’s more than likely what allowed Ryan Hudson to take advantage of her. 

But George is her own person outside of her family. She has a life of her own to live, and she isn’t loved simply because she’s a provider. Nick making that clear to her goes to show how perfect they are for each other.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Did anyone else notice how quickly they cleaned up The Claw? That place went from a crime scene to good as new in just a couple of hours. In fact, they were open for business that day. Maybe they should be called the cleanup crew because they have a real talent. 
  • It feels like Carson and Ryan should be more aware of the ghosts haunting Horseshoe Bay. After all the things they’ve witnessed and everything Nancy has enlisted their help with, how do they not realize that something supernatural is afoot?
  • Bess standing up Lisbeth because she’s afraid of dying and breaking her heart was heartbreaking in itself. But, as long as Bess can make it through the next twenty-four hours, there’s no doubt that Bess and Lisbeth will overcome this hurdle. 
  • Ace, Carson, and Ryan made “The Fate of the Buried Treasure” the funniest episodes to date. Carson and Ryan were bickering like a married couple over their daughter, and Ace was stuck being the uncomfortable middle man on their road trip. Can we have more scenes with this trio, please?
  • The moment in which Ace comforts Bess was much-needed. The two have such a strong friendship, and the show hasn’t had time to touch on that lately. It served as a good reminder that Ace and Bess will always be “platanchors.”

Over to you, TV Fanatics! What did you think of “The Fate of the Buried Treasure?”

Do you think the Drew Crew will kill the Aglaeca? Or will they end up clearing her name?

Drop a comment down below and let us know your thoughts and predictions!

And don’t forget that if you missed the episode, you can watch Nancy Drew online right here at TV Fanatic. 

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW. 

Rachel Foertsch is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.


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