Kim Moore: Head Of Operations for Fanmire – New Platform Offering the Opportunity for Fans to Meet and Get to Know Their Favorite Celebrities

Kim Moore is the Head of Operations and influencer liaison for the new innovative, immersive and vibrant fan engagement platform “Fanmire.” She is one of the positive and empowering forces on a team of many experienced and talented team members helping founder Jamel Anderson see his dream come to fruition.

Fanmire celebrates a way for fans and their favorite celebrities, rockstars, influencers, sports icons to communicate with one another in an exclusive way. Fans can gain access and enjoy content from their favorites thanks to the most cutting-edge technology. Fans are able to join a community of like-minded followers of leaders who make a positive difference in the world giving them the ability to build deep connections with the people they love.

Kim and I traded questions and answers regarding Fanmire, how she became involved and her desire to watch the platform explode….

So the best way to start is to ask you how you got involved with Fanmire?

In July of 2018, I got involved with Fanmire.  A friend of mine from college, who actually grew up with Jamel, recommended me.  Jamel was looking for someone to assist with project management, and to get operations and stuff together.  So, because of the work I do on my 9-5, she recommended me to Jamel.  I went to a pitch event that they had, heard a little more about Fanmire, talked with the team members who were present and then I spoke with Jamel.  I was hooked and intrigued so I signed up to go to work with Fanmire.  That was about July of 2018.  I started out doing project management, hoping to get systems in place, operationally be a little more organized and that’s what I did for probably the first year and a half that I was with Fanmire. I went to the content team shortly after that to help with content and now I am back with project management and operations and I am working with influencers as a liaison.

So what do you do 9-5?

My 9-5 I do project management for the Episcopal Church, the corporate headquarters of the Episcopal Church. I am in the development office so I have been there about 10 years.  I am one of the people that helped to start the department from scratch, the values there. They are really about racial justice, reconciliation, and environmentalism.  The head of the church is actually an alum from my alma mater.  That’s my day job that pays the bills, that funds all the things that I do in my personal life.  I also have a business with a therapist friend of mine, who’s also one of Jamel’s best friends, but I went to high school and college with her.  It’s kind of an interesting circle, kind of a 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing going on here.

I love working with Fanmire. It provides for me a thing I don’t have in other aspects of my life.  I am constantly learning because it is not something that I am familiar with. I am working with tech, I never thought I would be a part of that because I come from a non-profit background mostly. Since I graduated college, I’ve been a non-profit, I did a stint in education for a year.  I was a social worker for another year and then went back to non-profit.  I did grant writing and now I am kind of in this interesting space for me.

What do you see as the future for Fanmire?

The vision is that Fanmire is the number 1 platform that any influencer that doesn’t feel supported on other platforms comes to.  They are in partnership with us in a way that allows them to create amazing content. I see Fanmire being a household name, people may not be aware of it, but it is there and that logo is on all sorts of things and that people recognize the brand, similar to any other media platform and they understand what it does.  I see us having influencers from all walks of life, and categories using the platform and having a really great and amazing experience because of our values, our product, and because of the people who are behind the scene making it happen.  I see us on commercials and with A-listers at some time.  Fanmire is a really great place for them to leverage their brand. It’s an avenue, it’s not the only avenue but an avenue.  They create really intimate moments and experiences for people and they can do something different.  I also see us being international. It is a tool that is going to be so amazing that people want to get on it and that there is a waitlist.

Fanmire is the go to platform for influencers/content creators, influencers looking for an opportunity to earn money should definitely look to Fanmire and join.

The official website for Fanmire may be found at

The Fanmire platform website may be found at

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