Exclusive Interview with Brynn Bowman

Based on your past music, what has changed to what you’re putting out now?

The first single I released, “Wanna” was my way of dipping my toes in the water. That was back in January of 2020. Although it will always have a special place in my heart, I have grown so much since then. My lyrics have remained honest and blunt, but I’ve refined my craft and learned many lessons along the way. I’ve established my brand as an artist, and I’m really pushing for more energy and uniqueness. My music has more focus and intent now. You can definitely hear my growth between “Wanna” and “Suffocate”. The ladder song was received much better by my listeners.

What have you gained out of your career so far?

I have gained a ton of knowledge of the business. Making a career as a solo artist means being both a creative and a business person. I’ve learned how to navigate the industry a little more. I’ve also gained a lot of new fans and new support for my career. The people I’ve met along the way have made the journey so much more enjoyable. In the end, what I’ve really gained from my career has been JOY! Joy for people, joy for performing, and joy for being vulnerable through my songs. I have something to say, and my listeners want to hear it!

Making an impact is important. How do you choose to make yours with your music?

My main goal as a musician is to connect with my listeners through genuity and hard-hitting lyrics. The music I release is meant to be relatable. I want my listeners to say “That’s exactly what I was feeling, I just didn’t know how to put it into words”. I want to reach car stereos on road trips, people walking through their campus or city, and people crying alone in their room. I want them to feel less alone, more motivated, and encouraged by my lyrics. I want them to feel seen and accepted for exactly who they are, and I want their feelings to be validated by listening to my songs. If they’re burnt out and beaten down, I want to give them just a little bit of light.

How involved are others when you’re in the studio?

In the studio, I usually only have my producer with me. My instrumentalists send in their tracks to my producer, and he and I meet to record the vocals and the finishing touches. Occasionally I’ll have my roommates come sit in on my session to give feedback and suggestions as well, but I like to be very focused in the studio. I tune into the emotion of the song and try new things.

How do you treat the release of a new single?

I give myself at least six weeks to plan the social media content, promotions, and plan for the release itself. This usually includes making a calendar with plans for each social media post, times to post, and ideas for promo videos and merchandise. All of this builds momentum and excitement for the new song. I make sure to have a very specific vision in mind for communicating my emotions to my followers. After the song is released to the world, I make sure to celebrate. I share the fan posts of my music and make sure to connect with my audience through social media as well. This is a huge part of being a business!

We think everyone should be listening to Confident Woman, it’s really pushing the needle forward for people. Where can everyone listen to it?

Thank you so much! You can listen to Confident Woman on all streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and more! You can also watch the lyric video and the acoustic version on my YouTube. For a more intimate experience, come to my live shows! I play in Nashville often, but I’m coming to North Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, Ohio, and Texas soon.

Give us the rest of your links! Thank you Brynn!

Instagram: @brynnbowmanmusic

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Soundcloud: Brynn Bowman


For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

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