“Love The Lie” From Megan Graney

Sophisticated and alluring, the new release, “Love The Lie” from Megan Graney is a wonderful sonic escape. Graney sets fire to a sultry, jazz/pop track, bringing along music that brightens her tones and tenor. Now based in Los Angeles, her work is often focused on mental health and positive living. While “Love The Lie” is not grounded in the New Age genre, per se, listeners can certainly glean an optimistic experience from its lyrics. Graney is exceptional and an authentic artist that jazz and (all music) needs now.

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What makes “Love The Lie” resonate as much as it does is the way Graney leaves the listener to decide their own take on its meaning. She’s exquisite in her delivery – a modern female crooner with total command of the mic. The affection is there – the love and passion she has for the subject. When she sings, no one’s gonna see it this time, she took me on a different pathway. I wasn’t sure if she was giving a personal testimony, or an observation. She has such a brewing brilliance of harmony laden in her voice, it’s hard to not feel so ensconced by her artistry. That instant rapport between a listener and a singer is very strong in “Love The Lie”.

Emphasizing the overall experience is a hushed electric guitar. The riffs are bright and amber-esque. I think there’s a joy in that guitar – which on the first listen I didn’t notice, but by the second spin, my heart felt that happiness. The strings plunk along, as the bashful bass drones away. It’s faint, but it’s there. The percussion and beat is mellow, but not so laid back that you couldn’t do a slow dance to this tune. Topping off the instrumentation is some brass – perhaps a saxophone. I love the nocturnal ring it displays, with Graney sealing the storytelling to this song as a natural narrator.

This song goes where you want it to go – filling in little crevasses like water searching for outlets. I like the mood it creates and the waves of relaxation that ensues. She’s consistent, but that doesn’t mean she can’t showcase her range. She certainly does. The ebb and flow of “Love The Lie” is engaging and keeps the hips moving. It’s beyond refreshing to hear a song that doesn’t rely on all the bells and whistles from the recording studio – this is magical in a very nostalgic, yet modern way. Graney is quite talented and she deserves, yes I said deserves, the national spotlight.

Graney grew up in the Bay Area, singing in the choir. Today, she still participates in choir, and can also be found supporting film composers. She is an alumni of Berklee College of Music, garnering a Music Business Degree in 2013. Fans that are drawn to the stunning voices of Paula Cole, Patsy Cline, Rosemary Clooney, Peggy Lee and Norah Jones will find a gem in Graney. “Love The Lie” is one to add to your Spotify playlists.

Chadwick Easton


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