Jamaican Singer/Songwriter Releases New Single

Jamaican born singer/songwriter Robert Minott’s new single “You Are” wastes no time getting under your skin. He foregoes any lengthy introduction in favor of bringing listeners straight into a sheltering, all-encompassing musical landscape. The fact he manages to accomplish this with three primary instruments, guitar, keyboards, and organ, is even more impressive. The song’s production has excellent balance evident from the outset – it’s a solo release, yes, but it makes no effort to place the vocals above all else. “You Are” adopts, instead, a band approach that makes it doubly effective for listeners.

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It’s tailored to a broad audience. Minott’s traditional area has been reggae, but this new single ventures into different territory. It has a mix of R&B and funk running through the cut, leaning more in the former direction, and Minott sounds every bit as convincing in this role as he does as a reggae performer. Hints of his Jamaican birth creep through into the phrasing, but he aims the majority of “You Are” towards the more middle of the road audience than hardcore music devotees.

It does not mean, however, that devoted music fans will not find merit in this song. It has the unique ability to connect with any level. The musicianship never oversteps the song’s needs but has unquestionable skill and the vocal is equally gifted. Minott has the necessary musical intelligence to understand that songs are often decided more on what they leave out instead of toss into the mix. The airiness in this performance creates every bit as much as energy as much “busier” recordings.

His vocals are outstanding. Minott has listeners eating out of the palm of his hand from the first line on and mixes a variety of moods into his phrasing. He’s sensual without ever sounding crass, romantic without ever sounding syrupy, and atmospheric without ever overextending himself. You can hear, as well, how he shapes his voice to fit the arrangement without ever calling attention to his efforts. These are part of instincts he has developed since first debuting and they set him far apart from her peers.

The song utilizes backing vocals with memorable results. It isn’t a single voice supporting his own, however, but a seeming bevy instead and the gospel echoes are undeniable. The production does a great job of meshing the supporting singers with both the musical arrangement and Minott’s vocal. There’s never any attempt to overshadow the lead, but the song would be a lesser thing without their contributions.

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Let’s hope Robert Minott remains with us for years to come. The affirmative qualities of his songs are increasingly important in a world fraught with struggle and conflict. We need ports in the storm such as this, respite from the fray, and Minott has delivered time and again. He doesn’t show any sign of running out of steam. In fact. Robert Minott’s art glows with undeniable lifeforce. He’ll make a deep impact with this song and the future bodes well for his work to come.

Chadwick Easton

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