“Judas” by AV Super Sunshine

“Judas” is the new song from indie music darling AV Super Sunshine. From the forthcoming album ARTROCK, “Judas” is based on the story of Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus Christ’s 12 original apostles. And if you don’t know, Judas is also the apostle that betrayed him to the authorities for thirty pieces of silver. His name, throughout history, has been associated with the act of betrayal. AV Super Sunshine, known for a wildly eclectic brand of rock & roll with ‘bell bottom’ flair, slows things down to a room temperature for this moving pop selection.

AV Super Sunshine suggests in “Judas” that rather than say the name Jesus in vain or curse, consider using the name Judas instead. It’s an interesting thought and in all the years of Catholic school, it never occurred to me to think of it like that. I want to be clear: “Judas” didn’t come across as a religious or Christian song to me. Yes, there is mention of Jesus and the inspiration behind the song is what it is, but I didn’t feel this making its way to the contemporary Christian singles. I could be completely wrong. To me this song didn’t have boundaries or a genre. AV Super Sunshine has a way of melting together so many different influences and genres, that it’s hard to pinpoint just one. Having a penchant for songs that deliver a variety of emotions or actions – dancing and grooving has been like second nature for AV Super Sunshine. In “Judas” the mood is different. It’s more philosophical and outward.

The electronica is very subtle – it’s almost as though the vocals are done in a single spotlight. Still, the moving melodies are grand. This song feels so pleading and hypnotic. AV Super Sunshine, a male vocalist that often exudes debonair and art-deco much like Andy Warhol might, has a change in “Judas”. The timbre in his voice is softer and vulnerable. It has a ceremonial tone. His voice is elevated, too, by the electronic pings and bumps that hobble along the music base. It’s uniquely sewn together into AV Super Sunshine’s daring vocals. The resulting sound is ethereal and dreamy, but firmly grounded in pop rhythms. Still, fans of singer/songwriter and roots music might find “Judas” just as engaging. The message has continued to linger with me days later. “Judas” is more than just a story – the music proves that this tale goes beyond religious boundaries. It’s important to know that AV Super Sunshine doesn’t rest on just faith laurels. It truly feels bigger than that.

“Judas” is the fourth single from ARTROCK (Victor House Records). It joins previously released tracks “The Wedding Song”, “Together” and “Super Cool”. “Judas” is another feather in the multi-colored, multi-dimensional AV Super Sunshine cap. AV Super Sunshine is based in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. With numerous chart-topping hits (Global Top 50 Adult Contemporary Airplay, Global Top 50 Rock Airplay, Top 60 Contemporary Club DJ Chart, European Independent Music Airplay Chart and more), AV Super Sunshine is truly a global artist.

Chadwick Easton

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