Chalice Collective Releases “Flame Of Truth”

Chalice Collective rises to the occasion in the thrilling track, “Flame Of Truth”. Spreading a wide-swath of electronica, techno and a dash of pop music, “Flame of Truth” is a solid hit. A sharp dive and yet a smooth ride, this song leaves the listener wanting more and more. If you’re looking for a song that energizes you, look no further. Or, if you’re looking for a song that helps you focus, “Flame Of Truth” also fits the bill. Chalice Collective, comprised of Sedona Swan Soulfire (the group’s primary creative director, songwriter and lead vocalist), Ayla Réalta and Chakaara Bliss (harmonies) and DJ Kallum. Chalice Collective also includes embodiment artists, aerialists and fire dancers Ishani Ishaya, MirCat and Pearl Sol’Aura. They call Portland, Oregon home.


Evoking so much more than what you can experience just listening in your car or even in your quiet space at home, “Flame Of Truth” begs to be heard in a wide, large space with all aforementioned artisans, dancers, aerialists and fire-dancers showcasing their triumphant skills. You feel and hear these powerful tools in “Flame Of Truth”. I enjoyed how this song inspires and cultivates a burning desire to escape. Illumination opening to transformation, a female voice sings. The melodies are firm in the sense that it is stating a truth – a statement. It’s also a way to manifest the power of the individual into a community. You know your worth. You feel like your impact is going to be more than just a cog in the machine.

The music bed sounds boundless. You feel like you’re plugged into another universe and that you can hover over the world with answers and knowledge. Something about the beats and the rhythms makes you feel unstoppable and secure. The use of the word ‘illumination’ couldn’t be more perfect. This song illuminates the spirit within. I think it also expresses love and honesty. Yes, truth is authentic, but in our quest to get there -via this invigorating track – you also get to unveil other truths that aren’t as literal. I think you can find yourself just entertained. And I think you can also get squared away on the deeper meaning of reinvention.

“Flame Of Truth” seems to reinvent itself about the song’s bridge. I loved the flow of the song and how it changed courses. It’s a great metaphor for life. Just when we think we’re in the rhythm, doing our thing, it changes. I’m not sure if they did that on purpose, or if they were just evolving their sound. Either way, it’s a knockout. It made it all the more interesting and fulfilling. I love that a group of individual artists came together – the idea of a collective gives you a sense of love that might be slightly different than a band collaborating. Maybe I’m overthinking it. I’m just basking in the wonders of “Flame Of Truth” and it has me in the best of moods. “Flame Of Truth” is one great song to seek out. This song burns bright.

Chadwick Easton


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