Pidgie Releases ”Just Breathe”

Pidgie delivers a breath of fresh air with her new album Just Breathe. Pidgie’s album is a celebration of empowerment and creative perseverance, Just Breathe features multiple rock anthems and a brilliant cover of Nina Simone’s “I Wish I knew How It Would Feel To be Free.”  Pidgie is no stranger to overcoming obstacles in her life and finding empowerment through her experiences. Pidgie was born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), was raised in the sixties- putting her on both sides of the Americans with Disabilities Act. She graduated with a bachelors  degree from Hofsra university and worked in both the corporate and performing arts world. Pidgie is one of the founding members of the Coalition for Disabled Musicians (CDM), and she currently serves as its vice-president. Music has always been a part of Pidgie’s life, she’s been singing for as long as she can remember. That brings us back to Pidgie’s powerhouse album Just Breathe, packed with energetic guitar riffs and Pidgie’s unmistakable charisma, this album will inspire you to keep going.

Creative perseverance has been a major theme of Pidgie’s life, a theme that permeates Just Breathe. Pidgie said it best herself, “Creative Perseverance empowers you to reach beyond what you ever thought possible. It encompasses every facet of your existence: your home, job, education, health, relationships and your passions.” This outlook is embedded in Just Breathe, an album full of emotions and tales from Pidgie’s life. The stand out trait of Just Breathe is Pidgie’s tenacity and a feistiness that can be found in every song. Most of the album stays in the genre of rock while title-track “Just Breathe,” “Hell Again,” and “I Wish I knew How It Would Feel To be Free” explores other genre’s. “Hell Again” uses 80’s synthesizers to create an atmosphere of nostalgia and reevaluation as Pidgie croons about her reservations about falling in love with someone new. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album, as Pidgie flits back and forth on whether or not she should risk her heart for love again. The synthesizers and a wailing electric guitar merge to make an unforgettable and relatable track.


I was instantly struck by the production of Just Breathe, every melody is crystal clear, the guitars are at the forefront of each song, while the drums make you want to head-bang unapologetically. Pidgie’s vocals are husky and full of feeling, making every performance extremely soulful. The guitar is the star of Just Breathe’s melodies adding an electricity to Pidgie’s lyrics and vocals.   On “What A Price To Pay” the guitar imbues the track with a feeling of drama and power as Pidgie sings about someone who doesn’t know who they are. This track celebrates empowerment and highlights the rock-n-roll energy of Just Breathe. Anthem “Kick Ass Boots” features Pidgie taking aim at a cheating ex through witty lyrics and a killer melody. “Kick Ass Boots” captures the theme of empowerment and creative perseverance masterfully.

Just Breathe explores themes of all kinds alongside the theme of empowerment. While empowerment serves as the through line of the album, Pidgie sings about relationships, personal difficulties, and the woes of love and trust. Pidgie is on a mission to redefine the representation of people with disabilities in a positive light. Relationship myths that are often limiting and confusing to women in general, can be even more stressful on women with disabilities. Pidgie redefines that as she sings about romantic fears, desires, and lessons learned. So many of the tracks on Just Breathe depict Pidgie rising above the sorrow brought on by the pressures of love. Pidgie vows for “No more tears and no more sorrow” on “No Tomorrow.” Its in these tracks that you feel the impending sense of triumph that Pidgie seems to embody naturally, that’s what makes Just Breathe so addictive.

You can’t help but feel as sense of hope as you listen to Just Breathe. The more that Pidgie sings about overcoming her fears or putting her foot down and saying “No more” the more you want to, too. Just Breathe inspires you to believe in yourself, to be there for yourself, and to celebrate what makes you, you. Pidgie continues to advocate, mentor, and break down barriers in life and in her music career. Whether she’s using her creative gifts or spreading her wisdom, Pidgie is creative powerhouse that inspires others to claim their power. Just Breathe is a raucous album full of life and wisdom you don’t want to miss, check it out now!

Chadwick Easton

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