Tia Penny on the Moments that Matter

Tia Penny is an Arizona-based singer/ songwriter/ musician with an exceptional range of talent for such a young age. She recorded her first two singles in New York City at A Diamond Heart Production and her first release, “Joyride” is scheduled for September 2022.

As a young teen, she had National and local TV spots, and was chosen as a TEDx speaker/performer for a distinguished Arizona University. She studied classical guitar and vocals at her local Arts School. Her wealth of experience gives her an ease on stage.

Once you hear Tia Penny’s velvety voice, guitar artistry and inspired lyrics, you will be moved.

How are you counting down the days when it comes to your music right now!?

I will be releasing “Joyride” on September 16! I plan a celebratory release party with my loved ones.

What does this moment mean for you to be releasing this project?

This is a big step for me, and a pivotal moment in my career. You only get your “first released music” once in an artist’s life, so it feels unimaginable. Hearing my songs come to life with A Diamond Heart Productions has been my favorite part of the process so far!

How are you making your moments matter the most day to day in your career?

What matters to me is to always learn and grow. I take as much in as I can on each phase of creating music and try to enjoy myself and have fun. I continue to work on building my skills, writing music, and learning from other pieces of music.

What are you feeling really grateful for when it comes to your career?

I feel extremely grateful for the support from those around me. I couldn’t have done this without my parents and my most invested friends.

What is the reality of the music industry vs. what your fans see on your social media?

It takes more time and effort than you could imagine, but part of the music life is the reward from it. I will gladly spend time investing in the quality of my music because of how fun it can be. However, I believe my social media reflects a snippet rather than the whole story on my performances.

Trying to navigate the rise of your career, what or who keeps you grounded?

My parents keep me grounded, while giving me the freedom to pursue what I choose.

Can we take a deep dive on your latest hit? Can you share the dynamics of your latest release and how it came to be? Not many know how tough it can be to release music! 

I am in the releasing process for two of my original songs, “Joyride” and “You will be found”. I write music whenever I feel inspiration, and I never force it out of me. These two songs are very close to my heart, and they each mark a turning point in my music. You will be found inspiring me out of my artists block, while joyride shows techniques from my classical training into my acoustic training. In the recording process, they both went in different directions, but I couldn’t imagine them any other way.

How are you handling the love you are getting from the music you’re sharing?

It’s exciting because I’m starting to see my social media pick up, and I’m recognizing some of the fans I’ve met at performances on my page. I just try to take in all the positivity  and give it back in any way I can.

Leave us with your links and a little extra love to your fans! 

Thank you to everyone who believes in me! I hope my lyrics resonate with you.

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TikTok coming soon! @tiapennysing

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