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With over 100 performances notched throughout the Midwest, dynamic singer-songwriter Matt Fawcett is no stranger to festivals, charity events, churches and even house shows taking place in the living rooms of his biggest fans. His unique blend of country music with a contemporary Christian twist and a speck of bluegrass is influenced by some of the greatest songwriters and performers of our time, including Garth Brooks and Steven Curtis Chapman.

What are your thoughts on trends in music? 

I think trends can be a really cool thing, but often get pretty old quickly. It seems like certain themes come out in music on the radio which can be a cool way to see the same, or similar situations from different perspectives, but I believe people, though they love something familiar, are seeking something unique as well. It’s more risky to do something different because it’s polarizing, but at the same time, you want to bring people along a few steps at a time and not make them jump the chasm all alone.

Do you follow any trends when it comes to your music?

Probably more than I would like. It’s the desire for the familiar and the security more than anything else. As an artist, we all want to be something unique, but that also requires risk and authenticity to really put yourself out there. When you rely on a trend, there is security in knowing that maybe it’s the trend people are starting to reject and not you. If it’s just you, and people don’t like it, there is no safety net.

What trends do you try to stay away from?

I try to not write songs that have already been written. There may be similar themes to them, but there are so many great songs that have already been written that it seems odd to try and compete with them unless I’m going to write it better. Some songs I think I can, others not so much. I like trying to find different and unique perspectives on life that might not have been brought up before, or at least not in the same way.

Forming your own self as an artist can be difficult. How do you make sure you don’t get caught up with replicating another artist? 

That’s a tough question. I’ve tried to learn as much as I can from other artists as the saying goes, “good artists borrow, great artist’s steal” Becoming someone who is your own takes confidence in knowing that you are all together unique. I don’t have to be a carbon copy of someone else because we already have that person. What the world doesn’t have yet is a Matt Fawcett. My voice will never be like someone else’s so I have to work on being the best me that I can be.

Influence is important though, are the influences you pull from? 

My two biggest influences would be Steven Curtis Chapman and Garth Brooks. Both are phenomenal human beings and have had a ton of success in doing what I love to do, which is creating music and engaging people.

Do you ever get compared to an artist? 

I’ve been compared to quite a few depending on what people listen to more, country or contemporary Christian. Chris Tomlin, Josh Turner, Chris Stapleton, Crowder, Steven Curtis Chapman, are all giants in the industry and people have suggested that I’m similar to them and I take that as a huge compliment.

How do you want to trend in music? 

I want to trend as a person who cares. I write because I want to comfort the afflicted and confront the comfortable. It’s a deep sense of love and passion for helping people realize that they are created on purpose with a purpose. If I was to trend it would be for that. As the singer-songwriter who genuinely cares for people.

What is your latest and greatest that you want to talk about with your music? 

I have a brand new single called “Sing Along” that’s all about seeing people as individuals and hearing their story, not to judge it, but to sing along with it. I think the past few years have taught us all how desperately we need friends that are truly ride or die. Sometimes the best thing we can do is walk beside someone and sing the same tune for a while.

Learning more and more from each project you do, what has been the most invaluable experience as of late? 

Each song has the opportunity to change somebody’s world. It could be just one person, but that makes it worth it all. I’ve had a few of even my older songs as of late that someone heard and it was just what they needed to hear at that moment to not take their life. If we could all learn to reach out more with a helping hand hopefully it wouldn’t have to get to that point. But I’m forever grateful that something that I wrote was that helping hand for someone else.

Give us your favorite thing trending now that has nothing to do with music but makes you smile! 

My favorite trend is seeing people give lavishly to strangers. Seeking out people who are just doing their best and giving them a leg up is one of the greatest trends I’ve seen in a long time and every time I see those videos it makes me tear up.

Leave us all your music here so our audience can smile too! 

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