Gabriel Saro & Charlotte Grisley Release Two New Singles  

Gabriel Saro is a multi-talented artist that you need to have on your radar! He’s recently teamed up with Charlotte Grisley to release two new singles that are guaranteed to give you all the feels. “I Love The New Years Day” and “Come To My Place” are the perfect mix of classic balladry and modern pop production.

Let’s start with “I Love The New Years Day.” This soft ballad is reminiscent of the early ’90s ballads that we all know and love. With Grisley’s smooth vocals and Saro’s warm guitar melody, this track will have you feeling all sorts of emotions. It’s the perfect song to listen to when you want to slow down and take a moment to reflect on life. You can tell that Saro’s production skills are top-notch as he effortlessly layers the track with his instrumental skills and brings every ounce of musical background he’s spent years tuning, giving the project more than just a solid foundation to stand upon.

“Come To My Place” is the second track on this collaboration, and it’s just as amazing as the first. This down-tempo pop song is all about romance and yearning. Grisley’s vocals are hauntingly beautiful, and Saro’s production skills are once again on full display. “Come To My Place” is the perfect song to slow dance to with your significant other. It’s not a rambunctious dance song, but rather a song that is meant to be savored and enjoyed. Working as the second part of the two singles, it’s a beautifully melancholic and emotional comedown track that feels like a perfect second act.

Saro’s not just a talented instrumentalist and producer, but he’s also an award-winning composer! He’s always had a passion for music and composition, and it’s evident in his work. He has a degree in business administration, a diploma in violin, and a master’s degree in music in film composition. That’s quite an impressive resume! What’s even more interesting is that Gabriel’s interests outside of music have influenced his artistic career. He’s interested in anthropology, biology, and science fiction, all of which have found their way into his music. You can hear the fusion of these interests in his work, and it’s what sets him apart from other artists in the industry — teaming up with someone as dynamic and musically gifted as Charlotte Grisley allows Saro to really not hold back in regards to his more ambitious big swings, and the shared success of both tracks is nothing but beneficial to both artists and fans alike.

Gabriel Saro and Charlotte Grisley’s collaboration on “I Love The New Years Day” and “Come To My Place” is a must-listen for anyone who loves music that is equal parts nostalgic and modern. The duo has managed to create two tracks that are versatile and appeal to a large range of listeners. Gabriel Saro’s background in music and composition shines through in his instrumental work and production, while Charlotte Grisley’s vocals are nothing short of amazing. You don’t want to sleep on this collaboration!

Chadwick Easton


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