Rob Alexander Drops “Get Over Yourself“

Encountering someone who makes music for the sheer joy of it is always a satisfying experience. It’s especially so in a day and age when so many artists obviously view the creative act as a means to fame and nothing more. There’s no question that Rob Alexander wouldn’t mind scoring a number-one hit or filling stadiums around the globe, but it isn’t his raison d’être.


The thrill of performance, the fulfillment derived from self-expression, the satisfaction of entertaining listeners, and unadulterated self-expression drive Alexander. Those motivations clearly manifest themselves throughout his new single “Get Over Yourself”. The lead-off single from his soon-to-hit fourth studio album Young Man’s Eyes embodies Alexander’s underlying passions as never before.

He’s joined by guest vocalist Gigi Worth. The longtime backing vocalist has long since branched out to find her way as a solo artist and the tutelage she gained from performing alongside luminaries such as Whitney Houston, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, David Crosby, and many others serves her well. Her contributions to “Get Over Yourself” round off the song in a manner Alexander couldn’t have accomplished alone.

It’s a song packed with hard-won adult wisdom. Alexander’s “Get Over Yourself “ urges listeners to put aside petty flourishes of ego so that they may see the larger picture that so often eludes us. Opening with a relentless synthesizer riff, boisterous and sparking with color, wreathes the message with undeniably fiery energy. It is romping from the outset.

The song shifts into a higher gear when it hits its refrain. Alexander rides the soaring chorus with measured yet slightly theatrical vocals that resound like a call to arms. The drumming takes on a new tone, as well, and adopts a more assertive pulse. His plain-spoken language has newfound vitality during the chorus and states the song’s core message in unequivocal terms. It’s the unquestionable highlight of the performance.

There are judiciously placed guitar fills scattered throughout the main body of the song. The six-string work takes flight during the song’s second half, however, with a jaggedly grandiose lead guitar. It punctuates the performance without ever overshadowing other elements of the song. Other small details matter as well. The simple scatting present before each new verse brings added percussive value to the cut.

Gigi Worth’s vocals match up well with Alexander’s singing. She’s a less self-conscious vocalist, in some ways, than her male counterpart. It’s reflective of her years singing alongside some of the epochal talents in popular music history rather than indicative of superior skills. Alexander improves with each new release, growing more into his role as a lead singer, but there’s no substitute for experience. Worth calls upon a wealth of it that shows in each syllable.

It makes her an ideal duet partner for Alexander. Make no mistake, however – this is Rob Alexander’s song. He invests emphatic passion into every line and his commitment to the song’s messaging helps it ring out with undoubted conviction. Based on this song alone, Rob Alexander’s Young Man’s Eyes promises to be one of 2023’s most invigorating releases.

Chadwick Easton


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