The Most Hated On By Their Competition.

Miami, FL — So lyrically talented that past features become tomorrow’s haters and sneak-dissers. These boys mean business. Other rappers always want features, until they get killed on their own tracks. They’re never disrespectful to their features, but there always seems to be a gleam of envy afterwards.

Music lovers worldwide are able enjoy streaming them on all platforms.

Although just starting out, the sky really seems like the limit thanks to their vocal melodies mixed with intense lyricism and addictive cadences.

And the best is yet to come.

The CEO and leading artist had an interview done after a performance at Cleo’s Gentlemen’s Club in Orlando.

“He one of the baddest whiteboys out here doin it mayne, yall sleep!” Exclaimed Velly L’Jelly after yet another entertaining show.

That interview can be found on YouTube.

Most Hated On, LLC and it’s artists will be dropping new music steadily for the rest of the year.

One thing is for sure: the vibes will be on deck.

Looking to take the world by storm.

The artists on this label hail from places like Miami, Houston, St. Louis, Virginia and more.

With so many complimentary styles, their music has a wide range of tempos and feels to them.

A lot of music today feels dull/cookie cut. Here’s the antidote.

Search: ‘Typsy K Capone Tha Don’ on your favorite music streaming platform.

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Typsy K Capone Tha Don: the new generation Master P.

CEO of Most Hated On, LLC

The antidote to Mumble Rap.

Leading by example and compiling artists that give Hip Hop a heartbeat.


Typsy K Capone Tha Don of Most Hated On, LLC
Name: Timothy Longworth
Address: 11885 SW 216th ST, Apt601, Miami, FL
Phone: 3524842664


Google Music:


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