Exclusive Interview with Soulchess

Soulchess is a talented and unique band that we are so excited to talk further with. Big welcome! We have really loved listening to your latest release. Talk with me on the single and how it came together. 

Thank you so much, we are glad that you enjoy the song. Chris Goodyear (Soulchess’ guitarist, producer and wearer of many hats) said:  The song started on piano as a song about moving away from the location where I bought my first home, an area of Nashville that is pretty hip called East Nashville. While I was sad to say bye to this trendy area of town, I was moving away for the right reasons and I had found love and the person who would later become my wife. The song had an up tempo vibe and I knew it needed a drum and bass EDM feel and that is exactly how it ended up. The song is an anthem about looking forward to the future and all the things it may hold. It’s about leaving the past behind and moving on to much better things. This song specifically references locations in East Nashville, such as ‘Rose Pepper cantina’ and its strong margaritas, ‘Five Points Pizza’ and the music scene in this area of town.   The music came together pretty easily, with the rhythm being largely dictated by the processed beats and the guitars are designed specifically to compliment the ghost notes in the drums. The song is a real blend of EDM, rock and Pop. 

We love following along with you on social media. Do you enjoy getting to create content for your fans and what platform to connect with them is your favorite? 

We are typically Instagram creators first and foremost, though honestly good old youtube is where we like to post our music videos which tel the story of the song. We certainly love making music videos.  Typical social media content creation is fun, though it’s a job in itself! We love being able to be in touch with our fans, the closer you can get and be alongside your fans the better. We would love to post more but we put more  weight on producing highly produced songs and maintaining a live show that is 4 hours in length consumes a lot of time!

This year is flying by – what has been your highlight of the year so far and what are you looking forward to as a group? 

We were really happy with how the quality of the music video to ‘All The Things That We Can Be’ has turned out, it really captured our vibe and energy. Ben Oakes produced the video and did a great job! We are stoked about this next bunch of songs we are working on, we are definitely in a writing phrase. We are currently working on a collection of songs that are held together with a story running through them all. You could call it a concept album, we are excited about the musical possibilities this is opening.

How did the group start? What is the history with you together as a band? 

The band has been around since late 2019, however the Soulchess story starts way back in 2012 when Chris posted an ad on ‘Craigslist’ looking for a bassist to form a band. That band soon ran in to  ‘life’ related issues before ever really getting off the ground. Fast forward 6 years and a lot of water under the bridge later, Chris was back at it trying to get a band together. Chris met Jameel at a jam night at someone’s house and asked him to join this newly forming band. This band  included Jason and a lead singer who later would later be kicked out of the unit for unprofessional behavior.Without a singer, Chris, Jason and Jameel now we’re on the lookout for a singer and as fate would have it, Jason and Jameel found Derrian Childress performing at BB Kings as part of Prince Tribute night. Derrian Childress was invited to join the band in November 2019, the Soulchess name was soon coined in early 2020.

Thank you for your time today – where can we listen to the new music and follow you anywhere else? 

Thank you so much for speaking with us, we really appreciate it! Our music is available on all streaming platforms you can think of and our music videos are available on Youtube, just search Soulchess. All our socials can be found under the handle @soulchessmusic on IG, FB and YouTube.

End of Interview


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