Brettina’s Releases “Simple Pleasures” (Lyric Video)

If you love soulful, jazzy, songs topped with eclectic folk sounds, then you are in luck. Brettina’s “Simple Pleasures” is indeed a pleasure to listen to thanks largely to its simplistic yet intricate composition. The contrasting combination works wonders as Brettina’s fluttery vocals glide over the instrumentation to convey the message of the song. Brettina’s voice and singing somehow remind us of the powerhouse vocalists of yesteryear – the likes of Anita Baker, Natalie Cole, and even the band Sade. Yet, she makes a clear stylistic choice to dial it back and yield to what the song itself is demanding.

The song’s message is one of taking the time to notice and appreciate the things that we often overlook while hastily navigating our daily lives. The message is a fitting one for the sound of the song and the story of “Simple Pleasures” is artfully told. As Brettina tells it, ‘it’s all in a song’ and we will recognize that once we open our eyes so we can really see’.

As for the typographical video, the visuals are fitting for the soft and sensual mood of the song. The subtle treatment of soft lighting overlays o a face shot of Brettina simply singing is, if we do say so ourselves, a welcomed simple pleasure. The simple, captioned-style fonts also help to do the song justice.


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