Code Orange Get All Lawnmower Man in New Animated Video

There are a plethora of discernible influences Code Orange’s new animated music video for their song “Autumn and Carbine”: The Matrix, Tron, The Dark Knight, The Bible, Halo, etc., etc.

But the one that really jumped out at me, for whatever reason, was The Lawnmower Man, the 1992 movie named after, but not actually based on, a short story by Stephen King. It’s a terrible movie but it made a big impact on a certain future metal blogger when he was a wee one. The video was directed by the band’s own Eric “Shade” Balderose and Jami Morgan (NOWHERE2RUN Productions), so I assume the movie made some kind of impact on them, too.

Either that, or they’re reading this right now and they have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about and they’re kinda pissed at me.


You can watch the video, which “follows Code Orange into a dystopian wasteland as they confront the thieving overlords of a ruined future society,” below. It debuted during the episode of Adult Swim’s Toonami which aired this past Saturday, January 23. According to the press release, “The band also utilized DIY motion capture techniques to animate the various performance scenes in the video,” which is pretty rad.

If you dig the video, the band also now have a limited edition “Autum and Carbine” shirt available for sale in their webstore. They also have an “Autumn and Carbine” candle, because metal candles are all the rage these days.

“Autumn and Carbine” appears on Code Orange’s most recent release, Underneath, which is out now on Roadrunner. Get it here.

The title track from the album is nominated for this year’s Best Metal Performance Grammy. The winner of that award is currently scheduled to be announced on Sunday, March 14.


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