Is Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘Skin’ About Olivia Rodrigo?

Is Sabrina Carpenter‘s song “Skin” about Olivia Rodrigo?

On Friday (January 22), Carpenter released her first single via Island Records. Fans immediately began deciphering the lyrics and speculated that “Skin” is about Rodrigo, the singer behind viral sensation “drivers license.”

First, some background: Ever since it was released in early January, fans have been convinced that Rodrigo’s debut single, “drivers license,” is about her High School Musical: The Musial co-star Joshua Bassett, who she appears to have previously dated, and fellow Disney star Carpenter, who many believe is currently dating Bassett.

It’s believed that Rodrigo had her heart broken by Bassett, who she reportedly dated before Bassett and Carpenter were photographed together late last year. The pair were even spotted wearing a couple’s Halloween costume together. Additionally, fans believe that Carpenter’s hand is featured in Bassett’s music video for “Anyone Else.”

In “drivers license,” Rodrigo seems to address her ex-lover’s new girlfriend, who is “that blonde girl who always made me doubt.”

“She’s so much older than me / She’s everything I’m insecure about,” Rodrigo sings. Carpenter is 21 years old while Rodrigo is 17 years old.

In “Skin,” Carpenter appears to address Rodrigo’s lyrics: “Maybe then we could pretend / There’s no gravity in the words we write / Maybe you didn’t mean it / Maybe blonde was the only rhyme.”

Carpenter also sings, “Don’t drive yourself insane,” which fans believe is a direct reference to Rodrigo’s song title. The Girl Meets World alum also talks about wanting to tell her side of the story after another woman puts her in the spotlight, which “she’s been under” all her life. (Carpenter was a child star on the Disney Channel, after all.)

Do you think Sabrina Carpenter’s new song is about Olivia Rodrigo? Listen to “Skin,” below, and decide for yourself.

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