New Music Friday: Let’s kick off 2021 with some KLF

You might say “Peter why have you put a 28-year-old song at the top of the New Music Friday, are you having another meltdown” and, yes, fair point but:

a) America: What Time Is Love? hasn’t been com­mer­cially available for nearly three decades after The KLF threw a strop and deleted their entire catalogue. (The band have today put a handful of their hit records, including two Number Ones, on streaming services.)

b) It’s a very slightly different edit to the one that came out in 1992 and is therefore unques­tion­ably NEW.

c) Any excuse to celebrate one of the two greatest pop duos of all time.

d) I think, very seriously, that all popstars could learn a thing or two from a band who responded to the challenge of remixing a hit for the US market by turning in a song in which they claimed to have arrived in America 500 years before Christopher Columbus. A policy of more ridicu­lous­ness wherever possible wouldn’t harm pop in 2021.

Also this week:

  • Fa La La (feat Boyz II Men) hitmaker Justin Bieber releases his best in a while; it comes with the best artwork of his career.
  • Kylie and Dua 1have chucked out the Studio 2054 Real Groove thing.
  • Raye‘s released some remixes; the Joel Corry reswizzle of Love Of Your Life is the best of the bunch.


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