Video: Dudes With Bowls on Their Heads Cover Ozzy + AC/DC

When I tell you that there are these four dudes on TikTok making videos in which they cover famous songs like “Crazy Train” and “Back in Black” using nothing but vocals, acoustic guitars, empty plastic bottles, and bowls which worn like hats, you’ll probably think, “Well, that’s silly.”

And when I tell you that these videos are INSANELY entertaining, you’ll probably think, “Well, that’s unlikely.”

I hear ya, friend. Thing is, it’s totally true: the dudes go by the name Adam and the Metal Hawks, and I’m actually having a hard time writing this post because I keep re-watching their cover videos and giggling.

They also seem to take requests for original tunes, too:

They have even more material on their website, like a pretty excellent Billie Eilish cover and original tracks with funny names like “Long Die Rock” and “The Zeppelin Song.”

BTW, if you’re crazy-impressed by the band’s singer, Adam Ezegelian, you’re not alone — he was a semi-finalist on American Idol in 2015, where his success was propelled by a righteous performance of Twisted Sister’s “I Wanna Rock.”

Follow Adam and the Metal Hawks on TikTok, and learn more about the band here.

[via Loudersound]


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